‘LPBW’: Matt & Caryn Make A Decision On Attending Amy’s Wedding

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff has been planning her wedding since 2019. One big question looming over the nuptials was whether her ex, Matt Roloff, would attend the wedding. And if he did, would Caryn Chandler attend as his plus one? In the next episode of LPBW, Matt Roloff reveals his decision. Will he, or won’t he? 

Amy Roloff Doesn’t Want New Man to Befriend Her Ex 

Season 22 of Little People, Big World features Amy Roloff’s wedding planning. She will marry Chris Marek at the end of August. The couple got engaged in late 2019, but the pandemic delayed their wedding. 

Due to problems finding a venue, Chris and Amy take up Matt Roloff’s offer to have the wedding on the Roloff Farm. But Amy Roloff isn’t keen on her fiance getting too friendly with her ex. On a recent episode, she bluntly told Chris that she doesn’t want him to become best friends with Matt Roloff. 

Chris pushed back a little, asking if she would prefer that he and Matt hate each other? It seems Amy would prefer that over her new man and her ex being buddy-buddy. 

If Chris and Matt are such good friends, it seems natural for Matt Roloff to attend the wedding. But maybe they aren’t as close as Chris thinks.

Are Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Living Together Yet? 

Another issue that came up between Amy and Chris is her hoarding. He complained that he doesn’t have any space for himself at her house. In fact, he was still living in his bachelor pad. With their wedding a mere month away, are Amy and Chris living together? 

In December of 2020, Chris Marek sold his house. It seems likely that he and Amy live together. 

Matt Roloff Reveals If He and Caryn Chandler Will Attend LPBW Wedding 

As LPBW fans know, Matt and Amy Roloff’s divorce was tense. At one point, she accused him of carrying on an affair with Caryn Chandler. However, Matt and Caryn insist their romance started after his divorce from Amy. 

The former married couple tries to get along for the good of the family. To that end, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek said shortly after their engagement that Amy’s ex would get an invite to the wedding. However, Monsters and Critics reports that the invitation never arrived. 

In the next episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff decides if he will attend the wedding. The outlet reports that after getting the farm ready, Matt and Caryn are getting out of dodge. Matt hopes they will be in Arizona by the time Chris and Amy’s wedding is underway. 

According to Zach Roloff, all of the siblings will attend the wedding. 

Will Matt Ever Propose? 

Another question on the mind of fans is if Matt Roloff will ever propose to Caryn Chandler. The couple has been dating for five years. But Matt seems reluctant to pop the question. Perhaps he didn’t want to steal his ex-wife’s thunder. But with Amy getting hitched, could Matt Roloff propose soon? Or is there trouble brewing between Matt and Caryn? 

Tune in to Little People, Big World on Tuesday, July 6, to find out Matt Roloff’s reasons for skipping his ex’s wedding. Plus, find out why Amy is a crying mess about her upcoming nuptials. 

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  1. Amy does not anyone to be friends with Matt because Matt will tell him exactly what Amy is all about. She is a two face person. And controlling. And she does not want to give that up or give up making Matt’s life hell or Carly. Amy grown up and move one. And give up the drama.

    1. I think they both have faults and Caryn was a part of it long ago . I believe Matt had an affair with Caryn while still married to Amy , matt treated Amy as furniture just something he had, he ignored her for so long that after the kids left he had no relationship with Amy left . Ito snuck up on them but I think in the background there was issue with caryn being in play . So I dont blame Amy for being angry and taking it out on him there is a reason for that underlying hate, Matt is dull and wants all to feel sorry for him cause he cant do what family does on outings, hes a killjoy. Matt is a drama queen

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