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Chris Marek Wipes Away Amy Roloff’s Tears In Emotional ‘LPBW’ Preview

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A new preview of the LPBW episode airing on July 6 will give viewers something they’ve rarely seen before. Amy Roloff sheds tears over her wedding to Chris Marek. Plus, Jackson takes a nasty spill. It all goes down on Little People, Big World

Summer Wedding Plans Take Shape

Amy Roloff has been anxiously awaiting her wedding to Chris Marek for quite a while now. The couple got engaged in September of 2019. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, their 2020 wedding couldn’t happen. So, they will wed in late August, almost two years after their engagement. 

Credit; Amy Roloff Instagram
Credit; Amy Roloff Instagram

However, the coronavirus pandemic is still causing havoc among wedding planners. All the weddings postponed in 2020 are happening in 2021. That makes it difficult to find an available venue on a desirable date. In a surprising act of goodwill, Matt Roloff offers Roloff Farms as a possible location for his ex-wife’s wedding. 

As viewers know, Matt Roloff holds full ownership of the farm after Amy finally relented in selling her shares. Chris Marek was on board with the wedding at Roloff Farms from the get-go, but Amy took some convincing. 

In the preview, it seems she is second-guessing her decision to have the wedding at the farm. 

Amy Roloff Overcome With Emotions Over Wedding

Amy Roloff is not someone who shows a lot of emotion. In fact, over the years, fans have complained about her negative attitude. So, viewers will get quite the shock when Amy gets emotional in the next episode of Little People, Big World. 

Caryn Chandler posted a short teaser on her Instagram that gives a new glimpse of Amy Roloff. In the clip, she cries as her fiance wipes away the tears. Why is she crying? It seems the memories of her life at the farm come back to haunt her. 

Hollywood Life reports that in the trailer, Amy may be having second thoughts. “Some of the cons for me was really the history that I have on the farm,” she says.

While Matt Roloff offers the farm for the wedding, he doesn’t want to interfere. In the short teaser, he says that he needs to “stay out of it.” His girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, readily agrees with that. 

Jackson Roloff Takes a Tumble 

In addition to the wedding drama, the episode also features Zach Roloff and his son, Jackson. In real-time, Jackson just got back from an epic trip to Disneyland. But in TV land, it is still winter and Zach takes his son sledding. 

In a clip on TLC’s social media, it appears that Jackson’s sledding adventure takes a slightly dangerous turn. As Tori Roloff looks on, her husband and son flip over on the sled. 

Tune in to the next episode of Little People, Big World on Tuesday, July 6, to find out how it all plays out. 

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