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Kody Brown REJECTED After Proposal To New, Young Potential Wife

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As we previously reported, Kody Brown reportedly sought a new fourth wife to replace Meri. Now, this courtship and proposal allegedly happened a few years ago. But, Sister Wives fans still don’t have confirmation on if Meri and Kody split for good. We do know things were pretty rough during the last season of the TLC series. Meri and Kody Brown revealed they were not intimate with each other. In fact, it sounded like they rarely spend any time together. Sister Wives fans think Kody only holds on to his first wife for her money and success.

Kody Brown found a young replacement for Meri, and he proposed

Pop Culture recently revived a report from In Touch Weekly from a few years ago about Kody Brown. Turns out, he was courting a “beautiful” and young woman. She was reportedly 25-years-old. The anonymous source revealed: “He had his sights set on her as a sister wife replacement for his first wife Meri.”

The 25-year-old woman was a divorced mother-of-tw0. Turns out, she was a lot like Kody.

She’s beautiful and Kody liked her tomboy spirit. She told him, ‘Let me know if you ever want a young, hot wife.’ He was over the moon.”

Kody Brown reportedly told his friends he was so sure this was going to work out and she would be his replacement for Meri. He just needed to show some commitment and propose to her. Unfortunately, things did get a little dramatic with Robyn. He had to dial back how much time he spent courting the young woman because Robyn got jealous.

He proposed and she shut him down

The source reveals Kody Brown was “heartbroken” over how this courtship and proposal ended. Turns out, his young and hot potential replacement for Meri Brown shut him down. He proposed to her and she broke his heart. After he proposed to her, she shut him down and told him she just couldn’t see a future with him and his other three wives.

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Are you surprised Kody Brown tried to bring a 25-year-old into his family? Are you surprised she rejected him? Do you think he’ll continue to look for a replacement for Meri Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all the Sister Wives tea.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Kody looked for an even younger wife. And Sobbin’s reaction is typical. She thought she owned Kody’s heart Nd didn’t feel any sympathy for the previous wives. As they say, paybacks re a bitch.

    1. Wow….does Kody have a mirror, does he look in it?
      If he did he’d see an unattractive, unappealing, has been of a man, the type most Father’s wouldn’t want within a thousand miles of their daughter.

      Well done that young woman for ditching him, that’s exactly what the flock of Sister Wives should do. Their lives would improve hugely.

    2. I find it Funny #1Robin isn’t the Best like she thinks even tho he said he was trying to replace Mari what’s he doing Now that Christine Left him 🤣🤣he will be trying his best to find someone . #2Dont think anyone can own a heart as 🖤 black as that guys Heart is ..

  2. What is the reason a man find the need to have so many wives
    Some of them bitch about us so much you would think one would be enough LOL

  3. I dont understand when Cody and his three wives have the meetings they don’t tell Cody that they know we all know It’s All About Robin.. Cody just wants one family His and Robins.. Don’t those three women GET IT?

    1. Agree!!! You’ve hit the nail on the head!! They should all have realized by now that the only reason HE keeps stringing the other 3 along is because THEY earn the money while HE and Sobbin reap the benefits in their million dollar house while the others rent. He’s a pathetic excuse for a man and father. He wouldn’t have ANYTHING between his legs anymore if he lived near me!

  4. Kody Brown can’t keep the dives he has now HAPPY what makes him think a younger one happy. He thinks about the fact he LOST control of 3 of them already. Robin is his FAVORITE wife and everyone can see that.

    1. For Kody to want a wife who is younger than some of his children is a bit strange. He just wanted her to be able to make more kids! What would he have done if she would have said I might say yes IF you divorce the “legal” wife and make me your legal wife! Sobbin Robin would have cried and had a heart attack! She rules his life now! I would have laughed so hard! I’m glad he Gor rejected though! He’s such an azzhat! He only cares about himself anyway. He lives off the wives money.

  5. Kody thinks too highly of himself. Inam so happy Christine woke up and got out of there. Now I wish thee others would follow suit. All of them are very nice intelligent women. Leave that bozo to himself.

  6. Eww! A 25 year, he has daughters that age. He is legally married to Robin. Christine and Janel should have him pay child support.Just a sperm donor.

  7. Kody is a self centered man its all about what he wants. No 25 year old female wants a aging man with no real money of his own. Hope Meri leaves his dumd ass

  8. Me, I really think he is just trash. He rides around in a bad Truck or a nice sports car. And who pays for it them working women. Mary you are a beautiful lady but stupid. Dump that bum. And Christine you and Mary go find happiness. Leave him with Janel and Robin. They have No looks or personality. Robin acts like she is the little quit mouse. When all she is trying to do get that little ugly stringer head man for her self. You all did Mary like a dog. Let him get him a young woman. She will put him under fast, he is a warren out ( he things) stud🤣

  9. I do not understand how spiritual marriage works in their church. I know they have a marriage ceremony that is not legal, but is there a way to divorce spiritually? Does it require a dissolution by their church authories?

  10. I sincerely believe that Cody and his “sister wives” are sadly misguided and on the wrong track. They all really need to read and study the one and only God’s Word, The Bible, and realize that they are not living to get to Heaven. The Bible holds the answers Cody.

    1. Absolutely. He is so gross. I have always wondered what they saw in him. I could NOT share my hubs with another woman. That’s just nasty!

  11. This man is doing anything and everything to stay relevant even though he’s been proven to be a complete sham of a polygamist by abandoning the MAIN PRINCIPLE which is having a larger and stronger FAMIKY UNIT. He keeps all his wives apart and keeps them to help him pay bills. I could be wrong but probably not

  12. Kody is a narcissist. Robyn said that if Kody moved and didn’t’ care what she thought or felt she would go with him; she is a Stepford Wife. Christine has found her freedom (screw you guys I’m going home). Janelle is in it for the long haul but thankfully putting ‘her’ kids first. He told her to kick her kids out. I didn’t know she got pregnant by herself. Meri, well unfortunately her then husband dumped her, divorced her and never gave her any support whatsoever, Why would he, he doesn’t care. She looked for love/support elsewhere so that is her fault apparently. Poor Meri. Remember the BBQ. He said, we will build 3 fires (3 wives) and then waved his hand to the outback and said, ‘Meri can sit over there somewhere.” Meri dear heart, move on.

  13. This show makes me do angry..glad Christine moved on..wish Meri would
    She’s way too smart for him…he is an ass after all she was the true wife and because she cared she allowed them to. Convince her to divorce him so they could marry
    That’s when i lost all the respect I had for Robyn and yes she is his favorite..glad the 25 year old didn’t pursue it.

  14. Kody is an alpha male jerk! What woman would want to put up with his bizarre ways. He gives no attention to his children at all. They are being raised by their wonderful moms. He decides to up & move the families on a whim & will probably never stop!

  15. For Kody to want a wife who is younger than some of his children is a bit strange. He just wanted her to be able to make more kids! What would he have done if she would have said I might say yes IF you divorce the “legal” wife and make me your legal wife! Sobbin Robin would have cried and had a heart attack! She rules his life now! I would have laughed so hard! I’m glad he Gor rejected though! He’s such an azzhat! He only cares about himself anyway. He lives off the wives money.

  16. I prY thay lightning strike all of his wives and they get a brain in their heads ans leave him
    I think hes sure they cant live without his little wennier. Hes just a pig on a free gravy train
    kick his ass to the road please

  17. I was just rewatching the series and you can see the difference in how he is with all the wives then vs. now. Meri, Janelle, and Christine would all be so much better off without him. He seems to be under Robin’s thumb and it would serve her right if he got with new wives and she was forgotten like all the others. Cody using his.”Faith” to trick these poor women while he uses all of them. I don’t blame Meri what so ever for talking to someone online. Unfortunately she was catfished. She needs to just move on and find someone that can give her the love she deserves.

  18. TBH I’ve only ever watched to see who would leave 😌 yay to Christine‼️
    Silly man-child Kody…give it up! lol… you are really looking like an old balding twit😂a total embarrassment!
    Meri…wake-up for goodness sake!
    Robyn…passive aggressive- joker!
    Jenelle…do you really think he’s in love?!

  19. I’ve watched this show since the beginning because I thought it provided insight to another culture, much like the “Breaking Amish” show. Well, I certainly hope this isn’t a true representation of polygomy culture. If it is then it’s the most mentally degrading and abusive relationship for women I’ve ever seen. These wives are used as money and baby making sex machines. I think things fell apart with Meri after she only “produced” one child. Cody seems to only want to set some world record for gathering the most kids – and that’s gathering not raising them. He apparently doesn’t care much about the girls at all and isn’t particularly interested in the boys once they become teens. All of the home should get out and get a real life, there is so much more out there and there are men that will treat them as equals and build a real life together, not simply use them as objects.

  20. I’ve always asked myself what these women see in this.egomaniac, he had nothing to offer any woman.
    He is an ugly little man

  21. Kody Brown is mentally unbalanced. People look into those crazy eyes. He refers to his children as their children referring to his wife’s. He has no connection to anyone. Robyn Brown and Meri can not carry this show. Christine good on you and Janelle you are my hero. You have actually told Kody Brown where to go. You are an intelligent woman you dont need to be in Kody Browns harem.

  22. Kudos to that your woman who had the sense to say no to this poor excuse of a man and husband. He doesn’t work. He just dreams up plans for his houses. Now he wants a house for himself. That way he doesn’t have to spend time with any of his wives if he doesn’t want to. He made a huge mistake moving them from Las Vegas. They had beautiful homes and were happy there loving close to each other. Now they live far apart and are growing apart. And they don’t want him around much. Except for Meri. She wants him. Not sure what for since he’s kicked her to the curb. His house of wives is falling down and he’s feeling old and irrelevant. And he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Robin is tired of having him around so much. So he’s looking for a new wife so he can buy a other house to put her in. He needs the wives to stick around and keep the show going or he’d really be up the creek without a payday. Wise up women!

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