Will Carrie Ann Inaba Be Well Enough To Judge ‘DWTS’ This Fall?

Carrie Ann Inaba from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars fans are incredibly excited for the 30th season this fall. ABC previously announced that judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman, and Derek Hough would all return to the judge’s table. However, one judge may possibly no longer be in the picture.

Carrie Ann Inaba frequently opens up about her health issues. But they’ve recently become serious enough that she recently took a hiatus from her hosting job on The Talk. Now fans are worried that she won’t be well enough to do DWTS in September.

Tyra Banks really hopes Carrie Ann Inaba will be well enough to come back this fall

Tyra Banks will also return to host the competition. She recently sat down with ET to discuss whether or not we will see Carrie Ann this fall.

“She was there way before I was,” Tyra said in the interview. “So I’m gonna be begging her, ‘Please, Baby, please! You gonna be there, right?'”

Carrie Ann Inaba left The Talk in April. At the time she said she hoped to return, but that hasn’t happened yet. Will she be ready to come back to work by September?

We can’t be sure yet. However, Carrie Ann is pretty active on social media and posts pictures with her boyfriend. If her health issues are causing a lot of pain, she seems to be feeling fairly strong these days.

Carrie Ann Inaba/Instagram

It’s easy to pose for a picture. It may not be so easy to be on set as often as Carrie Ann needs to be. Fans will find out more as we get closer to September.

The judge also battled COVID-19 in December

Carrie Ann Inaba suffers from Sjögren syndrome, Lupus, and a myriad of other health issues. These autoimmune diseases are no joke, so it’s easy to see why she might want to step away for a while. And on top of all that, Carrie Ann also had COVID-19 late last year.

“I’m on day six or seven of my journey with COVID … I’ve leveled out, knock on wood,” the DWTS judge said at the time on social media. “I still can’t smell and I still can’t taste some things. The taste comes and goes depending on the hour and what the food is. One day I can taste it, and the next day I can’t.”

Thankfully, her symptoms were pretty mild considering how bad COVID-19 can get. The virus often heavily impacts those with other health concerns.

“The headache and the intense pressure in the head is really intense, like you can’t move your eyes,” she continued. “I feel really lucky because right now I don’t have that pain anymore, and I’m not having the chills anymore. My temperature went down.”

Hopefully, Carrie Ann Inaba will get the rest and relaxation she needs. It’s hard to balance health issues on top of a demanding shooting schedule! Stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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