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Oh No!!! Did ‘Love After Lockup’ Tracie Wagaman Pass Away After Giving Birth?! 

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Love After Lockup fans are reacting to news that Tracie Wagaman is dead a little over a week after giving birth. Is she really dead or is this just a nasty rumor spreading through fan bases?

Tracie Wagaman dead after giving birth: Is it true?

A YouTube video popped up an hour ago revealing Tracie Wagaman of Love After Lockup had passed away. Unsurprisingly, fans of the WeTV series were a little skeptical of a rogue video on YouTube. Was Tracie Wagaman really dead? Had anyone reputable reported on her death yet? Well, we did some digging.

Lily Red, co-host of Gossip With Goddess on YouTube, jumped on Instagram Live about an hour ago. She waited a few minutes for people to jump into the live stream. Then, she revealed she had some sad news for everyone. Tracie Wagaman was, in fact, dead. The YouTuber confirms Tracie passed away on July 1st.

Tracie Wagaman Instagram

Is this a reputable source? Well, Lily and Tracie were pretty close. As we previously reported, Tracie went live with Lily briefly after she gave birth to share some details about the baby. Tracie Wagaman wasn’t willing to share much. But, she did confirm she had a c-section. She also whispered the gender of the baby to those who were paying attention.

Unsurprisingly, Love After Lockup fans remain skeptical of this information. Some even took to the comments of the Instagram Live and asked if this was some sort of sick joke. Lily, however, has been responsive in the comments noting that it wasn’t a joke. Tracie really did pass away.

Lily asks for prayers for Tracie’s family

As Lily continues to share this information with Instagram, she explains she’s not willing to share any additional details about Tracie Wagaman’s death at this time. Unfortunately, this means we do not know what the cause of death is. Some Love After Lockup fans speculate suicide might be the cause of death. There is concern she suffered postpartum after giving birth to her baby.

Lily confirms she is a good friend to Tracie. She even spoke to her just hours before she passed away. Lily notes she was loved by many. So, this is going to be a hard thing for people to deal with.

Tracie Wagaman Instagram

Unsurprisingly, many fans of the WeTV star questioned what this meant for the baby she just gave birth to. Unfortunately, we really don’t have answers to this question at this point in time yet either.

Lily notes that she just found out Tracie Wagaman was dead earlier today. The news caught her off guard. But, she wanted people to hear it from someone who cared about Tracie before nasty rumors and stories with inaccurate information started to spread. The YouTuber did confirm Tracie’s family members have already been confirmed about her passing.

Rest in peace, Tracie Wagaman.

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