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Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Speak Out On ‘Counting On’ Cancellation

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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have finally released a statement regarding TLC’s decision to cancel Counting On. How does the couple feel about the cancellation of the series? What will they do now? And, does their statement mention Josh Duggar at all?

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar speak out following Counting On cancellation

Found on their family blog, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar admit it is “hard to believe” it was just shy of two decades ago that a production company reached out to them. The company proposed a documentary that was just an hour-long featuring the dynamics of parents raising so many children under one roof.

The statement continued: “Our family has grown (and grown up!) before our eyes and on national television, and the journey has been miraculous—following God is an exciting adventure!”

Over the years, some of our most treasured moments have been those when we met children across the country who are alive today because of our testimony that children are a blessing—a special gift from God—and that the only real hope for individuals and families is a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since we began filming so long ago, we’ve had the amazing honor to share our lives, our faith, and our story with you—including some of the most difficult and painful moments our family has ever faced. We are full of deep gratitude for the love shown to us and the prayers of so many who have sustained us both now and through the years.”

The reality TV personalities look forward to the future

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar make it clear that this chapter closing on their lives will just open up a new one. They look forward to the “new adventures and endeavors” waiting for them. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have a few kids still in the house and several adult children with children on their own. So, they know the love of their family will “continue to multiply.”

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Did they mention Josh Duggar in their statement?

TLC made it clear in their statement they canceled Counting On to give the Duggar family time to deal with their legal issues surrounding Josh Duggar. They, however, neglected to mention him or their current situation anywhere in the statement. Followers of the family didn’t find this too surprising as Jim Bob and Michelle have always protected Josh Duggar.

Do you think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are disappointed Counting On got canceled by TLC? Or, do you think they are happy to step out of the spotlight to deal with their son’s legal issues and criminal charges? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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