Audrey Roloff Dotes On Her Multitalented Husband, Jeremy

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Audrey Roloff won the internet today when she penned a heartfelt post about her husband, Jeremy.  Read on to find out why this former reality starlet is giving her man some serious praise.

Audrey Roloff Brags About Her Man On Social Media

This TLC reality personality grabbed the attention of all the married ladies on Instagram yesterday when she shared a lengthy post about her husband, Jeremy Roloff. This Mom of two shared a plethora of reasons why she loves her husband. The list includes a wide range of “talents” that included everything from making knives and “wiping poopy butts,” to caring for neighbors and playing with their children.

In addition to being a great caretaker, neighbor, and devoted Dad, Audrey says that Jeremy also “ignites meaningful conversations.” In her post, she tells family and close friends  and has a knack for creating “meaningful moments for wife and kids.” She says that at age 31, he continues to impress her day after day.

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Audrey’s Post Definitely Had The ‘Awww’ Factor

Fans reading Audrey’s post got a nice kick in the feels. Since published, fans showered it with over 58k likes. Even now, hours later, the comment section is flooded with fans telling Audrey how lucky she is to have such an “amazing husband.”

“Can we clone him,” asked one follower, “I need a Jeremy in my life.”  Another fan reminisced about having met Jeremy in the past. The commenter reflected on how kind he was to them even though they were strangers to him.”We had the pleasure of meeting him,” the fan told Audrey, “He was so gracious and took the time to visit with us as we took a picture by the Roloff sign.”

While there are always a few negative comments on any social media post, Audrey’s love-letteresque post about her admiration for Jeremy Roloff struck a chord with viewers, especially her female fans. All of them seemed enamored by the love this woman has for her husband. They remained even more surprised that he loves them just as much.

Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Instagram
Image Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

Fans Admire Jeremy For Being A Family Man

Jeremy and Audrey have been married since 2014. In the seven years since they tied the knot, they have created two beautiful children and an amazing life together. Even though the celeb couple is no longer a part of filming for LPBW – fans continue to follow them on social media. One of the main things that fans focus on is how much Jeremy loves his family. Fans continuously comment about how loving and present he always is with his kids.

Just a few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, Audrey honored Jeremy with a heartwarming post and accompanying video montage of him spending time with his kids. Fans responded to Audrey’s post telling her how “choked up” they became watching a man love his kids so much. Clearly, his wife agrees.

“Happy Father’s Day babe,” Audrey wrote to her husband on Instagram. “I love how fun, patient, capable, humble, discerning, wise, present, eager to learn, intuitive and intentional you are as a father. We are so blessed by who you are and what you represent in our home. We love you.”

What’s next for Jeremy and the rest of the Roloff clan? Stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for all the latest news on your favorite reality celebs and shows.

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