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‘Y&R’ Michael Mealor OUT – Kyle Leaves With Summer?

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Michael Mealor is leaving The Young and the Restless. That means that Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman (Hunter King) could end up together after all. On Monday, June 28, viewers witness Summer leaving Genoa City for Italy. This seemed like the end of Kyle and Summer’s relationship.

She even gave him back his engagement ring after he chased her down. Kyle begged her to stay even if their lives are not as perfect as her new opportunity in Italy. Summer made her rounds around GC as she said her goodbyes to those who love her and don’t love her. While it may look like Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) is getting everything she wants, it could blow up in her face.

Y&R spoilers – Michael Mealor leaves CBS soap

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers, Michael Mealor is the next actor who’s on his way out. The latest issue of Soap Opera digest spoke to several sources involved with the CBS daytime soap. It turns out Kyle and Summer could end up together after all. Both Hunter King and Michael Mealor are on their way out of the show.

One insider noted that contract negotiations led to nowhere. Both parties couldn’t reach an agreement. Both Michael Mealor and Hunter King will be exiting the series. So far, there is no word on when their last day on The Young and the Restless will air. Since Summer already took off to Italy, it seems like Kyle is not too far behind.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
He could hop on the next flight to reunite with the love of his life. That means that Kyle could have a change of heart. He might realize that he doesn’t want to be Harrison’s father after all. His new life with Tara could overwhelm him. All he’ll think about is Summer all alone in Italy, instead of his new life as a young father in Genoa City.

Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman: Together forever?!

This sounds like the ideal romance storyline. Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman could end up together forever. Michael Mealor first played the role in 2018, when Hunter King returned to the series. King first played Summer in 2012 before taking a two-year hiatus in 2016.

The best way for these actors to leave to show is to have them reunite. Summer and Kyle fans are still not giving up hope on their favorite couple. They hope that Summer will at least pay a visit to Genoa City, or that Kyle will go after her. Kyle was relentless with letting her go, and that seems to be the case if the actor is leaving the show.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
The Y&R comings and goings show the end of King’s storyline as Summer. While it may look like the end of “Skyle,” it may not end that way. Hunter King reportedly has a prime-time comedy and other projects lined up. As for Michael Mealor, it’s unclear if he scored a new gig.

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  1. Please keep summer and Kyle together. They really love each other. I know Hunter King is leaving to be in a new show, but I hope she is coming back. And Michael Meador is in negotiations I guess, but they need him to follow summer and they both return more mature maybe. Kyle especially

    1. I want Sally and Tara to get busted and Eric Foster to pop in on Y&R and blow them up. Then let Lilly and Billy be winners and out smart that ruthless Victor who has sweet Coleen’s heart learn how to eat humble pie

  2. I’m going two stop watching because the good actors is leaving. Summer and kyle needs two stay and get married and have a baby.send the two who’s makeing trouble needs two go .kyle dont need two get with the witch. Sally needs to get off show and go back were she came from.bring them back

  3. Get rid of Tara and that witch Sally, can’t stand them. They need to get busted let the truth come out, Jack needs to start figuring things out.

  4. yes sally and tara need to busted and tara kicked out. jack and kyle really need to be smarter and not so gullible

  5. Please , please DON’T bring them back. Sick of their storylines.
    Wish that Phillis hadn’t come back either. Was never so happy when she left. I stopped watching Y&R for a year because the storylines were so stupid and ridiculous. Started watching again because of covid. Big mistake now I remember why I quit watching. Time to stop watching again. Bye Bye Y&R

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