‘General Hospital’ Teases Big Reveal On Ava’s Stalker

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Thursday’s episode of General Hospital revealed that viewers will finally learn who Ava’s stalker is. It just so happens it appears the theory many people had will pan out to be correct. By the looks of things, this reveal includes a recast and it will almost certainly leave General Hospital fans divided.

Nikolas Set A Trap

As General Hospital viewers saw during the July 1 show, Nikolas talked to Kevin about setting a trap to catch Ava’s stalker. It did not take long for his trap to snag someone. General Hospital spoilers suggest this will turn into a tense family drama. The stalker snuck into Ava’s gallery, carrying a bag and dressed all in black.

What the stalker didn’t expect, however, was for Trina to show up. At the very end of the episode, the stalker showed up to see Trina. As he stepped out, he had shed the dark items he’d worn to conceal himself. Viewers didn’t get a clear look at him, but it seems quite clear who this is.

A ‘General Hospital’ Fan Theory Seems Correct

For a while now, a lot of General Hospital viewers speculated it was Spencer, Nikolas’ son, who would be the stalker. Spencer was unhappy when his father married Ava, so it’s not a stretch to think he’d try to get them to split. There have been mentions of Spencer lately, and people wondered who would step in to play the character.

Most recently, actor Nicolas Bechtel portrayed Spencer and General Hospital fans loved him. However, many felt he would seem too young to be brought back and thrown into storylines with his Port Charles peers. Bechtel is 16 now, but viewers likely wouldn’t buy him as a contemporary to Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina who have all just graduated from high school. Based on Thursday’s teaser, it appears Spencer has been recast.

Signs Point To Nicholas Alexander Chavez As The New Spencer

Credit: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Instagram
Credit: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Instagram

Despite General Hospital viewers only getting a glimpse of Ava’s stalker in Thursday’s show, it appears the actor has already been identified. The show hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, but soap fans clearly would not sit back and wait for information. It appears Nicholas Alexander Chavez is playing a slightly aged Spencer, and it won’t be too tough to see him interacting with Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron.

Perhaps the most telling sign that General Hospital fans are right is the latest post on Chavez’s Instagram page. He shared a series of photos showing him with a Corvette and out for a meal, and all the top comments come from familiar people. Sydney Mikayla (Trina), William Lipton (Cameron), and McCoy all raved over Chavez’s sports car. It just so happens that Marcus Coloma, who plays Nikolas, is following Chavez as well.

Could the new Spencer end up in a romance with Trina? Some General Hospital fans suspect that will be the case, and plenty want it to happen. Viewers will see their first taste of Chavez as Spencer as he interacts with Trina during Friday’s show and spoilers suggest this will be a wild ride.

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