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How To Watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Same-Day Episodes For FREE

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Days of Our Lives has been airing on NBC for the better part of five decades. With viewers cutting the cable cord, the network is making it easier than ever for fans to watch the show online. For FREE! Find out how. 

Is the Hourglass Running Out on DOOL?

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.” That phrase at the beginning of each episode is as iconic as the hourglass for DOOL fans. However, in recent years, the hourglass seemed to get closer and closer to running out. In late 2019, media outlets ran with the story that the cast was let go from their contracts as the show went dark. 

It turned out that media hype was much ado about nothing. Camila Banus, who plays villain Gabi Hernandez, revealed that it was normal for the show to take a long holiday hiatus. 

Then the pandemic hit, causing production on all shows – daytime and primetime – to come to a screeching halt. But by September of the same year, DOOL resumed production. 

There was a pause in negotiations between the show and the network earlier this year that caused concern again. However, Variety reports that the NBC soap was renewed for Seasons 57 and 58. Days of Our Lives is currently in Season 56. So, fans can expect at least two more years of the soap, if not more. 

How to Stream Days of Our Lives Same-Day Episodes FREE

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on broadcast TV on NBC. Times vary depending on location. The show is also available to stream the next day on or the NBC app. But now DOOL fans will be able to watch each episode on the same day it airs for FREE. How?

The official NBC Twitter account dropped the surprising announcement on Twitter on June 29. Starting on Tuesday, July 6, same-day episodes will be available to stream on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock TV. The streaming service offers different content depending on the pay tier. 

However, same-day DOOL episodes will be available for FREE. All you need is an email address to sign up for a Peacock TV account. The catch is that episodes won’t show up on the streaming service until after it has aired on broadcast TV. The same-day episodes will drop after 8 p.m. ET. 

But what about those who stream it on or the app? 

Fans Confused Over Announcement – Moving to Streaming-Only? 

Many fans rejoiced at the announcement. But others were confused. Many people stream episodes on or the NBC app the next day. Will the episodes still be available on those options? 

Sadly, it sounds like no. As NBC’s announcement states, Days of Our Lives episodes will stream exclusively on Peacock. Could the network be planning on moving DOOL off broadcast TV and onto the streaming service permanently? Anything is possible, but fans hope not. 

After all, streaming soaps don’t seem to last long. Moving to broadcast TV to online-only was the kiss of death for two ABC shows. All My Children and One Life to Live were both canceled by ABC and picked up by an online production company. Each soap only lasted one season as an online-only soap. However, streaming is much more popular now than it was in the early 2010s. 

Will you stream Days of Our Lives same-day episodes on Peacock TV? Or do you prefer to watch it when it airs on NBC? Let us know in the comments below. 

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. And starting next week, same-day episodes will stream on Peacock TV. 

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  1. I WON’T be watching Peacock ! I tried it yesterday when I discovered that Days Of Our Lives was not available on the NBC ap. There were scenes cut as well as about five minutes at the end of the show. Not good !

    1. Peacock is over 2 weeks behind for DOOL episodes. Today is August 9th, I can only watch through July 22nd.

  2. Can’t see the same day episode of Days of Our lives. I used to be able to watch at 8pm, now I am seeing an episode from 2 days ago and nothing current. I subscribed to the free Peacock… hope it straightens out and doesn’t take a week to see a current episode

    1. I agree, that is the longest show I have ever watched! Boy, everything is going to hell in a basket! High gas prices, high food costs, drugs everywhere and now no Days on NBC. Everything sucks!

  3. Please Please put days back on the nbc app so I can watch past and future episodes. Can not get peacock to work for me

  4. Very upset. I usually watch a weeks worth of Days in one setting and I go to look for last week’s episode and there are no where to be found.

  5. Please put Days Of Our lives soap opera back on NBC Channel 7 Monday through Friday 5 days a week. I do not have Peacock streaming services at all. Days of our lives has been one of my favorite soap opera stories I normally watch for many,many,many years and I loved this show. Sincerely, Misty Irene Comstock.

  6. I have watched DOOL for decades! Because of my schedule, I DVR DOOL episodes and watch them when I get home. But, some episodes get preemptive by news and special reports. Then, I would go to the NBC app to watch the episode the next day. Now, I’m only seeing clips on the NBC app and am told to go to Peacock. Went to Peacock. Setup an account. Still cannot see DOOL. BTW, Peacock is awful and I have no interest. Put DOOL back on the NBC app. DOOL and it’s fans have been going for decades; they deserve better treatment than this. It’s disrespectful. It wasn’t broke until you made the changes with Peacock. Undo it. Please fix it asap.

  7. I have watched Days since its beginning and when a daily episode is preempted I’ve been able to get it next day on my laptop under the “full episode” heading.

    Being a technically-challenged dinosaur, I do not navigate twitter, facebook, texts, etc. and would hate to see NBC remove Days from its daily network. It’s taken me an hour to navigate around peacock and prime to finally get this spot for a comment!

    Please keep this loyal supporter happy in my remaining days to keep your Days showing on TV.

    1. AMEN!!! So so so unfair of NBC!! I
      also watched since the very first show and I really resent this. I WILL NEVER WATCH ANYTHING on nbc again!!

  8. Trying to find DOOL online to see a specific episode this week when the network cuts in with some “special” news is ridiculous! As there are many of us who have been loyal watchers since DOOL’s inception, we are an aging population and the ability to later watch episodes online (that have been invaded by “announcements” during the broadcast) with reasonable accessibility STINKS! One more reason to refrain from watching ANYTHING on NBC! Your loyal audience is declining and so is this pathetic excuse for tv broadcasting. This “how to” watch DOOL descends to depths of decreasing access for ratings rather than increasing it.

  9. I was asked to join Peacock which I did. It might have worked right that first time. After that it told me i didn’t have any more time to watch anything. Bottom line is they stoled my password right out from under me.

  10. Why do I pay for dish network. I can’t watch Days. I’ve been watching that show since I was little with my grandma. It makes me want to get rid of dish and apparently you don’t get it on peacock either.

  11. I love being able to watch days of our lives on peacock It doesn’t bother me to have to wait a day to watch that days episode. However the last episode on peacock is from 02\03\22 so what is going on cuz that pisses me off. All I wanna do is watch my soap opera that I have watched for years. What is going on?

  12. I want it back on NBC. We lost signal today and it didn’t record. Now I still can’t watch it anywhere.

  13. Watching Days of our lives is like going to the Circus& all you see is the clown act.Peacock is so pitiful, by the time I jump all their hurdles I don’t want to watch anything.

    1. I want to watch Days of our Lives on NBC. If I have to miss it, I want to be able to watch it for FREE when I can.

  14. It is very upsetting that I will not be able to keep watching Days of our lives on NBC. I have been faithfully watching it since I came to the US in 1966.
    I do not wish to pay for watching the show on Peacock now.
    Already paying too much for cable, since I hardly watch anything on TV, nor on the computer.
    If at all possible, I sincerely hope it will be shown for free somewhere!

  15. I have faithfully been watching DOOL for 45! years on NBC. I can not get high speed internet where I live. This totally SUCKS. I already pay a lot for DirectTv. I do not want to be forced into paying more, even if I could do it. This is literally a part of my life and has been for 45 years…..ahhhhhhhh!
    I think you are making a very big mistake.

  16. I can not believe you took Days of Our Life off NBC, I have been watching it for many many years, it is all messed up now, watching it the next day on Peacock.. Now I am reading that Peacock is making it harder to get. Please fix the problem and put it on in Mass. the original time at 1:00 pm everyday like it was when it was on NBC. I have read that people can not find it on Peacock. Thank you

  17. I’ve been watching for over 45 years,(I even named my daughters Amanda & Gwen!!)?No Peacock for me either, kissing DOOL good-eye😢

  18. Cannot find DOOL on peacock. PLEASE return it to regular TV on NBC. Think about us seniors who enjoy such a wonderful program with such talented writers.

  19. Bring dool back to NBC. Have missed few programs since it first started. Don’t have access to internet/peacock and refuse to pay more for TV. Will not be watching NBC any longer.

  20. Is this the way NBC treats loyal watchers who have watched Days Of Our Lives since it began and now have to pay extra if they can figure out how to watch plus record for convenience at times. Pitiful way to do buisness.

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