Amy King Ponders NDA Status Amid ‘Counting On’ Cancellation 

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Duggar cousin Amy King has a few things on her mind amid news TLC has officially canceled Counting On. Namely, she wonders what that means for the status of her NDA or the NDAS of other members of the Duggar family. The curious Duggar cousin took to her Instagram Stories just a few hours ago to ponder this conundrum.

Amy King seeks legal advice, is her NDA null and void now?

Amy King admits she needs the advice of a lawyer or someone with a legal background. She ponders if an NDA would be null and void if the TV show the NDA protected got canceled. Would there be a need for the NDA if there is no more show. During her series of video clips on her Instagram Stories, she asked for someone such as Derick Dillard to get back to her on whether the NDA still stood or not.

After pondering whether her NDA was still valid for a few video clips, Amy King shifted topics slightly. Just slightly though. She suspected things were going to get “very interesting” in the days to come.

Amy Duggar King Instagram

The Duggar cousin also reacted to the news on Instagram

About an hour before she took to her Stories, she took to her Instagram profile to react to the news. Amy King shared a collection of pictures from her days on the show.

“TLC- thank you for the ride. I’ll treasure the memories, always.” She penned in her caption. She also noted that she understood the decision and respected the network made regarding the show.

Those who have been following Amy King on Instagram know she’s been indirectly taking digs at Anna Duggar as she encourages her to pack her bags and ditch her husband. So, it isn’t too surprising that she stands beside TLC with this decision.

Instagram reacts to Amy King’s post

Several followers seemed to echo her wondering what this meant for her NDA. Was she allowed to speak out about the show and about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar? Or, was the NDA still valid even though the show ended? One follower jested starting a GoFundMe to pay any fees associated with her breaking her NDA if it was still an issue.

Do you think the NDA is still valid with the show getting canceled. Or, is Amy King right about the coming drama because of the cancellation? Share your thoughts with us and keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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