‘You, Me & My Ex’ Alex And Caroline: Fake Couple, Is He Gay?

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You, Me & My Ex is the newest reality series to hit TLC and fans are wondering Alex and Caroline are even a real couple. As we’ve previously reported, there’s a lot of speculation the show might be scripted.

Alex and Caroline: Why You, Me & My Ex Fans Think They Are Fake

To say Alex and Caroline are a confusing couple would be an understatement. We previously talked a little about this couple during our recap of the most recent episode of the series. Alex has been in relationships with men for nearly all of his life. So, when he started dating Caroline… Well, his friends and family members were pretty confused. Unsurprisingly, viewers watching the show at home also don’t really understand the couple. Are they fake? Fans seem to think so.

Now, Alex’s sister doesn’t understand his relationship with Caroline. After all, he’s always been with men. Caroline also has a gay cousin named Robert that finds the relationship odd and insists Alex is 100 percent gay. Fans are in agreement with family and friends. Agreement that Alex is gay and the relationship is fake. Are Caroline and Alex pretending to be together just to be on TV? That’s the theory fans are running with.

Fans insist Alex is gay

Viewers of You, Me & My Ex took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on Caroline and Alex. For the most part, they hoped this was a fake couple just for the purpose of being on TV. Otherwise, Caroline was in for heartbreak when she realizes her boyfriend Alex is gay.

One Twitter user notes someone needs to tell Caroline that Alex is gay and he only wants a friend that’s a girl.

One Twitter user noted Alex had more chemistry with Stephen. And, they really were not feeling the kiss Caroline and Alex shared. Others admit the Alex and Caroline are confusing as a couple. Everyone seemed to have a hard time wrapping their minds around these two being the real deal.

So, do you think Alex is gay? Could Alex and Caroline really be a fake couple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

You, Me & My Ex airs every Sunday night on TLC.

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