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Michaela Bates Opens Up About Infertility, Tears, & ‘Deep Heartache’

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Bringing Up Bates fans know that Michaela Bates and her husband Brandon Keilen have been trying to become parents for years. The pair was open about their infertility a while back, but they have since stopped sharing so much and have requested privacy from fans. So, it’s been a little while since they have shared any news about where they are at with starting a family. Still, fans have offered prayers and often remind the couple that they are thinking of them.

@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram
@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram

In a new Instagram post, the couple shared a handful of photos from their special time with their nieces and nephews. In June alone, three new babies were born, Jadon, Hazel, and Charlotte. So, Michaela and Brandon enjoyed soaking up some newborn snuggles. Not only did Michaela and Brandon get to hang out with the newborns, but they also spent some time with the older kiddos. Alyssa Bates Webster was in town and brought her four daughters along too.

In one post, Michaela writes, “This has been one special month!!! We are so in love with all these little babies! Just when we think our hearts are full we meet another niece or nephew and our hearts grow even more!”

@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram
@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fan questions Michaela’s positivity

Naturally, fans are curious how Michaela is able to spend so much time with the kids and maintain her positivity. In a comment, one fan writes, “I’m puzzled how you always keep a smile with infertility. Christian or not, you are human and infertility is brutal. The struggle is real and so are the tears. It’s ok to show us raw honesty too sometimes. Bc infertility sucks. God provided us our long awaited miracle via preg. I sincerely pray he will do the same for you as well.”

In response, Michaela writes, “Thank you so much for the prayers! Congrats on your little miracle.”

Then, she goes on to talk about the hard times she and Brandon have walked through together. She says:

“We definitely have many nights of tears and days of deep heartache, but as a couple we prefer to walk through the hardest times together in privacy. For right now we don’t want to share the pain publicly. All the baby cuddles and special time with our nieces and nephews give us hope! They are truly a gift and bring joy and healing to our hearts.”


@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram
@brandon_michael_jn15 Instagram

So, what do you think of Brandon Keilen and Michaela Bates’ response? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I wish you people would refer to the girls by their married names… Michaela Bates Keilen…

  2. I don’t understand why they don’t adopt. I think they mentioned that awhile ago and it sees like something should be happening along those lines…maybe foster a child. Maybe being an aunt is enough for Michaela and she will be a nurse and that will be enough. Hope she looks into IVF or a surrgate way of having a kid, but one never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  3. I think that when your husband works for and your father is a board member of a pro-birth cult that demonizes adoption you have to answer the question politely and stay on brand.

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