Hazel Busby FLOPS In Struggle To Fix Her Diving Form

Hazel Busby/Instagram

Hazel Busby has a bright future, but she may not be competing in the Summer Olympics any time soon. Unless there’s a category for belly flops. If there was, she would be a strong contender for the gold. Keep reading to find out why Hazel basil is a total flop. 

Hazel’s Big Summer 

The six Busby daughters are having a jam-packed summer already. They’ve gone to multiple summer camps, including cheer camp. Hazel skipped that for some dad time with Adam Busby. 

Earlier this week, the Busby clan descended on Lake Charles, Louisiana, to be with Adam’s parents. Adam and Danielle’s Texas home is undergoing some renovations with the pool and patio area. 

It seems the Busby girls enjoyed swimming the days away in their grandparents’ pool. 

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Busby Girls Take to Water Like Mermaids 

There’s no doubt that the Busby girls love the water. Whether it’s a pool or a water park, it seems that all of the quints and older sister Blayke enjoy swimming. Adam Busby shared a video of Danielle trying to give Riley pointers on how to dive into the pool. 

Riley ignored her mom’s advice, but her dive was still pretty good. Hazel’s dive on the other hand…

Hazel Busby is a Total Flop

The girls were more than happy to be in the pool. Photos and videos of the girls in the pool popped up on Adam and Danielle’s respective Instagrams throughout the week. In some videos, the girls are simply jumping in or splashing about. 

In one particular video, Danielle also tries to give Hazel some pointers on her dive form. Unlike Riley, Hazel was willing to learn. In fact, Hazel seems prepped for a clean dive, but something goes awry after her feet leave the ground. 

She hit the water with a big FLOP. But she didn’t seem too bothered by the dive-gone-wrong. In fact, it looks like she swims for the ladder for another go. 

Do you think Hazel will ever learn to dive? Or will she keep FLOP into the pool? Let us know in the comments below. 

Season 8 of OutDaughtered wrapped up earlier this year. With the film crew gone, Danielle and Adam document the girls’ every move to share on social media. TLC has yet to reveal if the show will return for another season. 

But given its popularity, it’s highly likely. Check back with us for updates on Season 9 of OutDaughtered. 

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