Danielle Busby Rushes To Hospital With Leg Injury: Is She Alright?!

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered appears to have taken a trip to the hospital last night for a leg injury. What happened to the TLC mom and is she alright? Keep reading and we will share what we know about her injury.

Danielle Busby rushes to hospital with leg injury

The TLC mother took to her Instagram Stories last night to reveal she suffered from a leg injury. She explained that the injury happened while Adam was not home. She noted he was at H-E-B grocery shopping. So, she had to nurse her injury to the best of her ability and wait for him to come home. Once he returned home she rushed to the hospital because she feared the gash on her leg would require stitches.

Danielle Busby did share a second update on Instagram showing off her leg injury after receiving treatment at the hospital. She noted that she had to have several stitches. Unfortunately, whatever she gashed her leg on also caused her to need a tetanus shot too.

Danielle Busby Instagram

The OutDaughtered mom is no stranger to hospitals

The unfortunate truth is the OutDaughtered mother is no stranger to spending time in a hospital. As fans know, she’s been struggling with some undiagnosed health issues for a period of time now. The health issues have been so severe that she has a chance of needing heart surgery. Danielle and Adam were very secretive about her health issues and hospital stays on Instagram. They would give tiny bits of information. But, then, they would ask for fans to be patient with them. In hindsight, most of the secrecy was because her health issues were a huge part of the last season of the TLC show.

Danielle Busby has, however, asked fans to keep their at-home diagnosis opinions to themselves. She isn’t interested in fearing every potential health condition fans think she might have based on what little information they have on what she’s experiencing.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Either way, OutDaughtered fans are happy to know Danielle Busby was able to get to the hospital and get the treatment she needed on her leg injury. Here’s hoping she recovers quickly and it isn’t too painful for her!

Did you know Danielle Busby went to the hospital last night with a leg injury? Do you think it was hard having to wait for Adam to get home to see a doctor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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