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Savannah Chrisley Drops ‘Truth Bombs’ About Her Glamorous Life

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Savannah Chrisley isn’t quite as glamorous as you think. The Chrisley Knows Best star got real about how hard it is to keep up her busy lifestyle. Is the Sassy by Savannah creator really just like the rest of us? She dropped a few truth bombs that may surprise you. 

Chrisley Knows Best Star is One Busy Lady 

Savannah Chrisley is more than your average reality star. Yes, she is part of the super-popular USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best. But she is also an entrepreneur in her own right. Her Sassy by Savannah makeup line is selling out left and right. 

She’s constantly invited to attend events, including the recent auto racing event. She dressed down in jeans, tank top and flannel shirt, but still looked as fashionable as ever. 

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The Fashionista Always Looks Glam 

Having your own makeup line kind of requires you to always look your best. Savannah Chrisley often posts makeup tutorials on her Instagram. In photos, she is usually wearing a full face of makeup. 

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In the past, fans have slammed her for overusing filters, but there’s no denying she doesn’t need much help looking glam. 

If fans aren’t fawning over her makeup, they are complimenting her clothing. 

Savannah Chrisley Drops ‘Truth Bombs’ About Her Glamorous Life

Her success makes her a hot commodity, but for Savannah Chrisley, the grind can get exhausting. After working hard all week, Savannah Chrisley just wanted to stay home and relax. But she couldn’t. 

In a relatable video on her Instagram feed, she talked about making plans vs. actually keeping them. She had committed to going to dinner with friends, but the closer the time came to leave, the more she regretted agreeing to the plans. Savannah admitted that she was trying to talk herself into going to dinner instead of staying home and vegging on the couch. 

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Did she keep her plans? Based on the fiery selfie she shared of her on-point glam look, it seems she did keep her dinner plans. 

However, later that same night, she shared a pic of her relaxing in bed, watching a movie. It seems she can do both – go out on the town and then come home to “watch a flick.” 

Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram
Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram

Do you ever feel like Savannah does? Making plans and then regretting them? Share your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley’s truth bombs in the comments below. 

USA has yet to reveal if or when Chrisley Knows Best will return for Season 9. Fans are hopeful that it may return later this year. Check back with us for updates on the status of the show. 

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