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‘Love After Lockup’: How Much Money Does Stan Smith Really Have?

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Stan Smith has no problem flaunting his wealth on Love After Lockup. He even boasted about his will. Each child will get twenty-five percent of his estate. This includes his girlfriend, Lisa, who is being released from prison soon. Additionally, she will inherit twenty-five percent of Stan’s estate or 500K. In total, that is two million dollars. Yet, how does Smith have this much money? Furthermore, does he even have this type of wealth?

Love After Lockup’s Big Spender

Love After Lockup Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

In the most recent episode, Stan decided to buy some wigs for Lisa. She had been in a brawl and lost some of her hair. He wanted her to feel sexy. Though he had not seen the state of her locks, he decided to go wig shopping. Three wigs later, Stan had dropped thirteen hundred dollars. He’s already spent roughly five grand on her and they’ve only met once. They connected on a site called Seeking Arrangements, went on a date then she went away. A year later, the two reconnected. Now, he is anxiously awaiting her release.

However, Lisa has been locked up several times. She also calls Stan whenever her family runs into legal troubles. He is hopeful this will be the last time she goes away. Unfortunately, he believes she needs to cut ties with her troubled family to really be safe.

When he goes to get his lady, she will most likely come live with him. As he said on the show, he made his first million by the time he was forty. That was about twenty years ago. So, how and is he still rich? Starcasm did some research to answer the question.

Stan’s Money- What Does He Have?

In the series, Stan did mention a penchant for stocks. Was that enough to sustain him? He did not have to support his late wife as she had a very successful career. According to Starcasm, she was an RN for thirty-four years when she passed away nine years ago. He’s also owned the same home for the past twenty years. As for his sole career, it seems that he just invests as he mentioned on the show.

He has a love for cars, as well. It’s listed he owns a 2010 Ford Mustang GT and a 2009 Chevy Equinox. With Stan, he appears to love to live his life. Yet, he’s frugal about it where it matters. He is not out buying new and lavish cars. Rather, he has the ones he loves and keeps them for a long time. He would prefer to spoil the people in his life.

Hopefully, Lisa is not the one taking him for a ride. Do you think Stan is as wealthy as he portrays or is it all an act? Let us know in the comments below and do not miss Love After Lockup Friday nights on WEtv.

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