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‘Love After Lockup’ Tracie Wagaman’s Baby’s Gender Revealed

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News recently broke that Tracie Wagaman of Love After Lockup was in the hospital, and fans wonder if she’s given birth to her baby. As we recently reported, the WeTV personality has given birth to her baby. The star shared minimal details of her birth and her baby. These details included:

  • She gave birth to her baby via c-section
  • She would have to stay in the hospital for about three days
  • Clint was NOT the father of this baby

Lily Red, co-host of Gossip With Goddess on YouTube, hopped on Instagram Live with the reality TV personality to scoop the details. Perhaps the biggest piece of information Tracie Wagaman shared with Love After Lockup was the gender of her new baby.

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman reveals baby’s gender

Tracie Wagaman rocked a hospital gown and had a face mask dangling from her ears and chin as she joined the Instagram Live to affirm she was alright and the baby was born. Lily Red acknowledged that Tracie really wanted some privacy when it came to her new baby. But, she hoped Tracie would share some details with fans.

Tracie Wagaman Instagram

Surprisingly, the WeTV personality was happy to reveal her baby’s gender. That being said, she was pretty secretive about it. In fact, if you weren’t paying close attention you would have missed it. Lily Red, for example, was the host of this Instagram Live, and she didn’t even catch Tracie drop the gender of her baby at first.

So, did Tracie give birth to a boy or a girl? Well, Tracie Wagaman never actually said the gender of her baby out loud. Instead, she mouthed the gender of her baby a few times. And, what was that gender? Turns out, Tracie Wagaman gave birth to a baby boy! That’s right, Tracie Wagaman now has a son!

Did she share any other details?

Another then shutting down a few rumors, Tracie Wagaman didn’t hang around to confirm much more than the gender of her baby. But, she had just had a c-section and she looked pretty exhausted. Lily and fans understood her wanting to get back to spending time with her new baby boy.

Are you happy Tracie Wagaman gave birth to her baby? What gender did you think she was going to have? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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