Josh Duggar isolated and living with straingers

Josh Duggar Relegated To Remote Shack Ahead Of Trial

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Josh Duggar is reportedly extremely isolated as he waits for his upcoming trial. The oldest boy of the Duggar clan is out on bail ahead of his child pornography trial, set to begin later this year.

Once Josh had to go before a judge, his father Jim Bob hired a high-priced lawyer in order to keep his son from waiting for the trial in jail. However, it turns out that the condition of his bail didn’t allow him to return to his own home. It also didn’t allow him to go back to his parents’ house.

Part of the requirements for Duggar state he has to stay away from children. Because he and wife Anna have six children with a seventh on the way, he can’t live at home. It turns it that Josh’s dad stepped in again. This time Jim Bob managed to find a place for his son to stay. However, it doesn’t appear he was able to lean on someone that the younger Duggar actually knew that well.

Staying With A Sort Of Relative?

It turns out that Jim Bob found a way for Josh to stay with a family known as the Rebers. This particular family has a relationship with the Duggar clan because Anna’s brother is dating one of the Rebers.

Because of this little turnabout, there are some who are rather confused about what exactly is going on.

Josh Duggar Isolated In The Boonies

While sorting out just what’s going on with the former reality television star’s living situation is difficult, there are a few details circulating around the web. Among those details is that the accused child pornographer isn’t bunking down in the middle of a big city.

As a matter of fact, it appears that he’s living in the middle of nowhere. The Rebers have a property in a town of just over 1,000 and Duggar has started calling that home as he waits to see what’s going to happen to the rest of his life.

Not Exactly Best Friends

There are also reports out there that while the Rebers are willing to do the Duggar clan a favor, it’s not without some caveats. They’re not real keen on Duggar being around any of them, so he’s been living in a remote shack at the edge of their property.

For now, it appears the Rebers are wanting to keep their distance from Josh Duggar. His living situation in fact, keeps him isolated from anyone.

That might be for the best, as the judge overseeing the case has been quite clear she’s willing to send Duggar to jail.

“I have full confidence in the United States Marshal Service to find you if you decide not to comply with these conditions of release, so don’t make me regret this decision,” the judge told Josh at his bail hearing.

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