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Wait, Are MORE New Episodes Of ‘Storage Wars’ Coming?!

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Hold on to your hats folks — we have what is potentially GREAT news for Storage Wars fans as it appears that new episodes are on the horizon afterward. Wait, did A&E renew the series for Season 14?! After all, it was just a week ago we speculated Season 13 of Storage Wars might be over.

The series abruptly stopped airing new episodes. And, the synopsis of the final episode that aired sounded like a finale the way it was worded. So, this speculation certainly made sense. Dan and Laura Dotson, however, took to Facebook yesterday to drop a bombshell on viewers of the show.

Turns out, new episodes of Storage Wars are coming. Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

When did the last new episode air, anyway?

According to the A&E website, the last new episode of Storage Wars Season 13 was Episode 10 titled “A Plane Flew Over The Cuckcooks Nest” on May 25, 2021. Because the synopsis noted the gang was on their “final approach” many assumed it must be a Season Finale. But, now? Now, we have reason to think otherwise.

New episodes of Storage Wars coming: But, when?

In their Facebook video, Laura and Dan Dotson explain they had just wrapped up filming at least part of an episode. Episode 294 to be exact. Dan added that he wasn’t going to share too much because he didn’t want to spoil new episodes of the show. He and his wife, however, agreed there were a lot of great units and interesting surprises. So, he thinks A&E viewers are really going to enjoy this latest episode.

Fortunately, it sounds like A&E only stopped airing new episodes because they didn’t have anymore filmed, edited, and ready for air. Dan and Laura revealing the episode number also gives us another sliver of hope. Storage Wars is just six episodes away from 300. And, for most shows hitting 300 episodes is a pretty big deal. So, it would almost make sense for Season 13 to continue so the network could hit that massive milestone.

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Furthermore, Season 12 of the series was 16 episodes long. And, the two seasons prior were 25 and 29 episodes long. So, it makes sense there would be a few more new episodes coming for this season.

At best, we can speculate COVID-19 protocols might’ve slowed down the process for making new episodes. Furthermore, it is possible the drama surrounding Jarrod and Brandi also posed a problem.

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  1. I was reading your previous article on this and was going to say that I believe there was a break in filming because of Covid protocols and lockdowns, as CA had to deal with more restrictions. Yes I know episode 10 sounded like the end, but that pic of Barry online being at the scene of an auction, wearing a mask, gave me a hunch they were continuing filming. I honestly had been looking for 2 months now online for new info on if there was gonna be more episodes just because of that pic of Barry lol. I guess this comes with me being a big fan of the show and regardless of how different it has been over the past few seasons and that it may not be as tasteful to many viewers, I still watch it and appreciate it for what it is and was.

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