’90 Day Fiance’ Source Says Rebecca And Zied Are In Troubled Waters

90 Day Fiance Source Says Rebecca And Zied Are In Troubled Waters

90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied returned to the screen on 90 Day Diaries. Over on Instagram, the couple seems in love and all is happiness and joy. However, from the various shows and a source, it seems like there’s huge trouble in paradise. Will Zied leave and return to Tunisia? Will Rebecca’s jealousy chase him away? Time will tell, but for now, lets, take a look at hints of big problems.

90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied seem to still have some tension

When Zied arrived in the USA back in January, Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany also went along to meet him. Micah, her husband also accompanied them. Well, TLC fans know that Micah really doesn’t like Zied and suspects his motives for hooking up with Tiffany’s mom. So, it wasn’t all joy when he arrived. Despite reassuring his girl, clearly, Zied seemed insincere about his happiness. Meanwhile, Micah hated that he wasn’t full of joyful celebrations.

Tensions Run High When ’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Zied and Rebecca Reunite

These days on their social media, 90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied look very tight together. However, is that just for the TLC show? Rebecca went off and did some makeovers and looks way younger than she did. While she gets critics, she told them that she “could not care less” what they think. Well, a lot of fans think she feels insecure as her boyfriend is much younger and looking good. So, perhaps she does that to try and hang onto him. Bear in mind, she was in a relationship before where the guy wandered off out of her life.

Source suggests a lot of things went wrong

Since Zied arrived, fans noticed that 90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied seemed at odds. Recall, she freaked out because Zied helped Tiffany’s friend move furniture. Once again, her jealously showed and that was always an issue between them. At one stage, they clashed about marrying at Ramadan. Meanwhile, in 90 Day Diaries, there’s an underlying tension that clearly comes over in their body language. Tension and arguments suggest they are not as happy as they both insist. For a start, Zied grumbles a lot about being bored, bored, bored in the USA.

90 Day Fiance Rebecca and Zied 1
Credit: 90 Day Fiance TLC | Rebecca

90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied might be faking the good times for the camera. According to The Celeb Talk Guy on YouTube, both Micah and Tiffany reached out to him. First, Micah promised some tea, and then Tiffany did as well. Neither of them followed up. However, they let it slip that things seem bad. Apparently, Rebecca gave up her restaurant job and just focuses on social media. Plus, Rebecca’s terribly jealous of Zied. He’s got no friends and she won’t let him make friends in case he meets a younger woman.

In a strange country, with no friends or family, it must be very difficult for Zied. The Celeb Talk Guy does point out though that at this time, he has not been able to confirm what his sources said. 90 Day Fiance stars Rebecca and Zied might be on the out and just acting for the cameras. Or, it might just be Micah stirring the pot again.

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