Is Erika Jayne Calling One Of Her Co-Stars A ‘Snake’ For Leaking Info?

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Erika Jayne is not happy about the media coverage of her these days. After a bombshell ABC/Hulu documentary, The Housewife and the Hustler, all eyes are on Erika Jayne. She lives up to her “ice queen” reality TV personality with a series of tweets aimed at her followers, the media, and the alleged “snake” leaking info. Could the so-called “snake” be one of her co-stars on RHOBH?

Erika Jayne Claps Back At Photo of Her Looking ‘Disheveled’ While Pumping Gas 

Erika Jayne made headlines earlier this week for her look, but it wasn’t the usual lewk fans expect. A photo surfaced of a makeup-free Erika Jayne sporting sweats to pump gas. Many people were shocked by her ‘disheveled’ appearance. 

But others took the opportunity to crack jokes about her lack of a ‘glam squad.’ Before her recent legal battles, Erika Jayne reportedly spent thousands a month for a ‘glam squad’ of makeup artists and hairstylists to follow her around.

So-called ‘glam squads’ are the norm for the various stars of the Real Housewives franchise. In fact, last season on RHOBH, Kyle Richards read Dorit Kemsley the riot act for being late because she was getting glammed up. 

However, the jokes about her appearance didn’t escape Erika’s notice. She took to her Twitter to give a salty response. She advised her followers to “be in full glam when pumping gas.”

‘Do You Actually Believe This Sh*t?,’ RHOBH Star Demands of Followers

Erika’s clap back over her toned-down appearance wasn’t her only comment about the media onslaught. While she didn’t directly address the documentary, she called out so-called Twitter “experts” commenting on her life. “Do you really believe this sh*t?” she asked. 

She is clearly fed up with everyone thinking they know the real story, or anything at all about her life. 

Who is the ‘Snake’ Leaking Info? 

Erika Jayne thinks she discovered the culprit for all the negative stories about her in the media. She tweeted out an announcement that she found out “the name of one of the snakes” giving stories to the press. 

Real Housewives fans may be getting flashbacks to last season’s RHOA storyline of outing the “snake” who taped one of the Housewives speaking negatively about another castmate. 

Erika didn’t reveal the snake’s identity, but fans have some theories. Instagram fan account @bravobybetches shared a screenshot of Erika’s tweet. Several followers suggested Lisa Rinna may be the leak because she will sell anyone out for attention. 

Many others said that Erika herself is the snake for allegedly stealing money from “orphans and widows.” 

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One of the allegations against Erika and her husband, Tom Girardi, is that Tom funneled settlement money from lawsuits. One of the alleged lawsuits involves the surviving family members of victims who died in a plane crash. 

Furthermore, as seen on The Housewife and the Hustler, a burn victim also alleges that Tom Girardi stole the money won in a different settlement. 

Not Everyone is Angry at Embattled Reality Star

Not everyone is ready to convict Erika Jayne. Several of her followers took up in her defense. It seems that Erika has been interacting with her Twitter followers late at night. She retweeted several of the positive interactions, including one follower inquiry about Erika’s new home. After filing for divorce from Tom, Erika moved out of the mansion into a “cute,” but smaller house in L.A. 

Yet another fan told Erika that they were “living for your late night tweets, queen.” Erika retweeted it, adding a thanks to the fan. 

Should Erika Jayne get off social media amid her legal battles? Do you have any guesses as to the identity of the “snake”? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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