Duggar Fans Have A New Favorite Couple: Who Wins The Title?

Duggar family Instagram (Duggar couples)

Counting On fans often have a difficult time choosing a favorite Duggar couple. There are many to choose from, and fans love them all, which makes this tricky. In the past, John and Abbie Duggar have been fans’ favorite, but this changes often. Fans point out their favorites depending on what the couples are up to and what they decide to share on social media. Over the years, plenty of the Duggar couples have unofficially held the title. And some fans claim that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are their favorites too.

Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

Who’s the favorite Duggar couple?

On Instagram recently, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo shared a new photo of themselves, and fans are totally loving it. The picture was posted without a caption, but fans are filling in the empty space themselves. In response to the photo, the couple got a lot of attention. Some fans even declared Jinger and Jeremy their favorite couple of all of the Duggar kids.

Someone sweetly writes, “I love you both you are both my favorite couple and you are such perfect parents.” One fan calls them a “Power couple. đŸ”¥” Another writes, “Y’all are my favorite duggar couple.” Yet another fan chimes in, “You 2 are the best..” Someone else adds that they think the couple looks “content.” 

Plenty of similar comments follow. Though Jinger and Jeremy always end up getting a few negative comments on their posts, the ones on this post are mostly positive.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

While this isn’t official, many fans in Jinger and Jeremy’s comments section are talking about how this pair is their favorite. So, for now, it’s safe to assume that these two win that title. As mentioned, fans’ favorites are always changing, so it’s only a matter of time before someone else becomes the favorite.

It’s worth noting that Jinger and Jeremy are more active on social media right now than any of the other Duggar kids. So, their frequent posts naturally get them a lot of attention from fans.

Could someone new be in the running?

Though none of the Duggar kids are officially courting right now, there are plenty of hints that Jana and Jeremiah Duggar are both in courtships with members of the Wissmann family. Jana is rumored to be courting Stephen Wissmann, while Jeremiah may be courting Hannah Wissmann. Maybe, if the rumors are true, they will become fan favorites too.

So, are Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo your favorite couple too? Or do you like someone else better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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