Carly Waddell Gives Health Update One Week Following Emergency

Carly Waddell via Instagram

Carly Waddell went to Instagram to share a video update on her health. Fans have been worried and sending prayers to theĀ Bachelor in ParadiseĀ alum after she was rushed by ambulance to the hospital last week. Her soon-to-be ex-husband Evan Bass shared a photo of her in the hospital emergency room last week. He said she was in rough shape but it was her story to tell when she was ready. Evan did note he had permission from Carly to share the picture. So, what did Carly have to say about what went down? Keep reading to find out.

Carly Waddell gives health update

It’s been a week since Carly Waddell was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Evan Bass was called by medical personnel to come be with her at the hospital. Today, Carly went to Instagram to share a nearly 15-minute video update with fans about what happened and how she is now.

One of the important takeaways from Carly’s video is that medical staff still really does not know what happened to her. Plus, she feels better but is not completely over whatever plagued her. It sounds like perhaps she will be undergoing more testing in the future.

What happened?

Carly said she was about to get on a plane when she started experiencing severe intestinal cramps. She noted they weren’t just bad cramps but more like childbirth contractions. Ultimately she got on the plane and chose an aisle seat should she need to visit the restroom.

Carly once again began experiencing severe cramps and feeling nauseous. As she started to get up she collapsed. Carly passed out and when she woke up she was in the aisle on the floor. Luckily someone caught her. They asked her basically if she was pregnant which she said she definitely is not. In fact, she revealed she just completed her menstrual cycle the day prior.

Flight attendants helped Carly off the plane and got her into a wheelchair. She continued to feel awful and they had an ambulance outside ready to evaluate her. While checking her vitals it was noted Carly’s blood pressure was very low. She agreed to go to the hospital as she could barely move or speak.

As they continued to evaluate Carly they inserted an IV. Her blood pressure actually dropped further forcing them to rush Carly to the nearest hospital with lights and sirens. Carly said she gave herself a pep talk telling herself she wasn’t going to die like that. She noted she could feel her body giving out. She also said it was crazy because the EMT was also named Evan.

Carly at the hospital

Upon arriving at the hospital she began vomiting along with her severe cramps. Evan came and stayed with her. She said he was very nice. Carly also said it’s weird how crazy things happen to her and Evan at the hospital. After many tries they got blood drawn from her and found her white blood cell count to be very high. Of course, they still couldn’t tell her why. Even today she has no clue what was wrong. They think it could have been bacteria or a virus that knocked her down.

Finally, after a bathroom accident and ruining her favorite pants the hospital released her. She’s been recovering all week and also finally got her phone back. She lost it on the plane and luckily the flight attendant grabbed it and sent it back to her.

Carly remains thankful for all the support and prayers. She noted it’s times like these you learn who your real friends are. It sounds like Carly is on her way to recovery after a very long scary week.

What do you think about Carly’s health scare?

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