Zach And Whitney Bates Bring Home Baby Jadon [See Homecoming Pics]

Zach And Whitney Bates Baby Jadon

Zach And Whitney Bates welcomed their baby, Jadon but he was rushed into the NICU after suffering from low oxygen levels. The newborn seemed touch and go for a while and ended up on a ventilator. Bringing up Bates fans sent in their support and prayers for the family. Well, the good news arrived this week, that he recovered and finally, they took their little boy home.

Zach And Whitney Bates were so worried about Jadon

Can you imagine the fear and shock when your newborn is suddenly rushed off to the NICU? Initially, they thought their baby was fine. However, he ended up placed on life support. It must have been terribly hard for the parents as they couldn’t hold their little boy. All wired up with tubes, he looked so tiny and frail in the hospital. During the nine days he stayed in the hospital, his parents posted up a lot of feedback. Each step of the way they talked about prayers and faith. Fortunately, things started turning around for them and doctors removed the tube from Jadon’s chest.

Zach & Whitney Bates Have HUGE Update Amid Baby Jadon On Life Support 

Zach And Whitney Bates later updated their fans with a lot of joy. Finally, their baby was free of wires and tubes and they could actually hold him. The Bringing Up Bates stars Instagram revealed some touching photos of Jadon’s mom and dad holding him. Next, the news arrived that soon, they’d be able to take him home. They credited the recovery to God and all the prayers for their son’s life. Additionally, they know that the medical professionals who looked after their son also did a fantastic job.

Jadon’s homecoming pics

On June 17, Zach And Whitney Bates shared photos of them all at home with their baby. In the caption, they said, “Yesterday was absolutely perfect! ❤️ We’re together again as a family and nothing in this world feels better. ✨.” Naturally, UPtv fans reacted and many people commented on the sweet photos. Here’s a sample of some of the comments:

Just Perfectly Precious!! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

😍❤️🙌 this makes me so happy for yall!! God is so good@ zachnwhitbates.

Best picture hands down on Instagram baby boy home 💕.

This is wonderful!! Now hopefully miss Hazel can go home soon and the new cousins can meet!!! ❤️❤️❤️.

You are such a beautiful family ❤️ welcome home baby Jadon 💙.”

Other members of the extended family of Zach And Whitney Bates also commented. Carlin wrote, “THIS MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY! 💛💛💛.” Meanwhile, Kelly Bates noted, “Literally this was the sweetest post ever!!!! I’m so happy for y’all.”

Fans feel so relieved as at one stage, news arrived that Jadon’s right lung collapsed.

Zach And Whitney Bates Bring Home Baby Jadon See Homecoming Pics
Credit: zachnwhitbates | Instagram

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