Whitney & Zach Bates: BIG News On Baby Jadon, How’s He Doing?

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Bringing Up Bates fans have been anxiously awaiting any news or updates from Zach and Whitney on their newborn baby Jadon. We know the little guy was rushed to the NICU shortly after being born. Before too much time passed, he was placed on life support. Whitney and Zach Bates agree that through the power of prayer and the strength of their little fighter… He improved.

He was pulled off life support. One by one all of the medical tubes and wires were removed from his body. Finally, Whitney and Zach Bates were able to hold the little guy in their arms and put some clothing they had packed and brought to the hospital on him.

It’s been an emotional week for Zach and Whitney Bates. Fans appreciate the reality TV stars keeping them informed on the status of baby Jadon during this difficult time. Fortunately for those itching for more, the couple recently took to Instagram with some BIG news regarding their newborn. What’s the latest update on baby Jadon Bates? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Baby Jadon Bates Update: Whitney and Zach share big news

After a stressful week, things are finally looking up for Whitney and Zach Bates. In fact, they took to Instagram to share some massive news with their followers. Their baby boy is finally going home! He’s been giving a clean bill of health from his doctors and he’s good to go!

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The couple rejoiced on Instagram: “Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!! We couldn’t be more grateful for this sweet day. It felt like the longest 9 days of our lives with many tears and long nights spent worrying and praying, but God was so kind and brought us through.”

We are finally bringing our baby home to his family and he’s as healthy and perfect as can be! We will forever be indebted to every single nurse and doctor that played a part in his recovery. East TN Children’s Hospital and their staff went above and beyond to comfort us through the ups and downs.”

The happy parents appreciate their fans and followers too

Whitney and Zach Bates make it clear they’ve been reading through the countless comments and private messages they have received. There just haven’t been enough hours in the day to respond to them all. They, however, wanted to make it clear how appreciated all of the love and support is.

“We’ve also read through comments and messages as we’ve had time, and wish we could respond to each and every one because they meant the world to us and were greatly appreciated! We couldn’t be more excited!” They explain.


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Glowing with huge smiles on their faces, the couple gets baby Jadon Bates securely in his new car seat. Finally, they can make their way home with their new baby boy.

Are you relieved to hear this baby Jadon update from Whitney and Zach Bates? Isn’t this great news that he’s out of the woods? Let us know what you think in the comment section found down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Bates family.

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