‘Storage Wars’ Season 14: Canceled Or Renewed?!

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It was a surprise for everyone when Storage Wars Season 13 happened — now, we are all wondering if A&E will renew or cancel the series for Season 14. Will the network pick the series up for more? Or, will they pull the plug on Storage Wars? Keep reading and we will share what we know about the series.

Wait, is Storage Wars Season 13 over?!

Season 13, Episode 10 titled, “A Plane Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” aired on May 25th. The synopsis of the episode declared the A&E gang was on their “final approach.” Unfortunately, this leads us to believe Episode 10 was the Season 13 Finale. This means Season 12 was actually six episodes shorter than Season 12. So, the short answer to this question is: yes, Storage Wars Season 13 appears to be over.

So, did A&E renew or cancel for Season 14?

Do we know if A&E will renew or cancel for Season 14 yet? Unfortunately, we don’t really have any information to answer this question. The series has always been a pretty big hit, though. So, it is likely about a 50/50 chance the show gets renewed or canceled. It, however, is worth mentioning there was a huge gap in Season 12 and Season 13. So, even if the series gets renewed… It could be a while before we see more episodes.

Do we know if Jarrod Schulz is off the show?

As we previously reported, Jarrod Schulz was under fire following criminal charges of domestic battery against Brandi. The duo are no longer together, but they do share children. So, there is some interaction. Reports alleged Jarrod shoved Brandi several times at a bar before bolting when the police were called. A&E made it clear they do not condone this type of behavior. And, if an internal investigation determines it to be true… Jarrod would no longer be a cast member. So, if the show comes back for Season 14… There is a chance Jarrod would not be coming back with it.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of concrete information on the future of Storage Wars. We all want A&E to renew the series for Season 14. But, we have no idea if that is going to happen. That being said, a lot of people were pretty sure Season 13 wasn’t going to happen. In fact, many outlets and cast members reported the series was done. But, it came back. So, there is hope A&E could renew Storage Wars for Season 14.

For now, we’ll just have to keep waiting. Share your thoughts on wanting more Storage Wars in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news related to this TV show.

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