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Proud Mama Jill Dillard Bragging About Samuel’s Huge Accomplishment

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Jill Dillard often shares clips and photos of her sons, Samuel and Israel. her eldest son is about six now, and Sam soon turns four. Fans like the kids and these days, they also enjoy her husband, Derick. At one stage, people went off him and felt he was way too homophobic. However, he explained a few things about the patriarch of Counting On, and they softened their attitudes a bit. TLC fans also like the way the couple parent their kids. This weekend, Jill seemed very proud of her little boy.

Jill Dillard and Samuel seem very close as she still homeschools him

Fans think that Samuel’s simply adorable. With his little upturned nose and big eyes, he looks very sweet. Actually, his mom and dad sent his big brother to school. Israel attending a real school’s a huge step away from the Duggar family preferences. So, mom and Sam spend loads of time together. Actually, the cute little fellow even likes helping his mom put on her earrings in the morning. However, he also seems like a courageous little boy up to a challenge these days.

Jill Duggar Shares ‘Cutest’ Moment With Son Samuel

Jill Dillard shared back in February last year, that her older son, Israel started riding his two-wheeler. The Counting On alum seemed very excited as he managed to ride without the training wheels on it. TLC Fans seemed delighted that he reached a new milestone. Well, now it’s his little brother’s turn to hit the same milestone. On Sunday, Jill proudly shared about her little boy’s huge accomplishment.

Summer fun on the bike

Monsters and Critics reported that Jill Dillard shared the post and it looks like good timing as summer comes along. It’s ideal for the boys to cycle around in the nice warm weather. In her post, Jill shared a photo of her son looking proud and confident on his bike. In fact, she said that he taught himself the new milestone with some help from Israel. She added, “Look who’s new to 2 wheels!” Then she explained, “he started pedaling all on his own!” However, she noted, “😬He’s still learning how to stop though. 🛑”

Of course, fans of Jill Dillard reacted to the post and in the comments, some of them talked about their own kids hitting the milestone. One of them wrote, “wow my son is almost the exact same age as Sam. My son is barely even able to ride using pedals and training wheels.”

What do you think about Jill’s son Samuel riding on a bike with only two wheels? Hopefully, he soon gets the hang of actually stopping his bike. Sound off in the comments below.

Jill Dillard Bragging About Samuel's Huge Accomplishment
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Samuel, the youngest son of Jill Dillard.


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  1. In my opinion Jill ,Jinger and Justin are the smartest Duggar kids.They got out of the environment they were in.Thats the main thing to do when you have a horrible childhood.And I pray that wherever Jana is I pray that she stays there.I pray that God shows Anna who her husband really is no matter how painful the truth may be.And Anna can write a tell all book and be set for life.I would pack my bags and go back to Florida where my real family is.

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