Jarrod Schulz Wipes ‘Storage Wars’ From Instagram: Off The Show?!

Jarrod Schulz YouTube

Jarrod Schulz appears to have wiped any trace of Storage Wars from his Instagram profile recently. The A&E star caught the attention of media outlets when he uploaded a photo of himself and his girlfriend on his profile today. As those who follow him know, he rarely posts anything personal on his profile. So, this was a HUGE deal for his followers. In fact, many of those who followed him actually had no idea that he and Brandi Passante were no longer together.

Jarrod Schulz’s last Instagram post was a year ago

A deeper look at Jarrod’s Instagram reveals he’s really not very active. In fact, it has been over a year since the last time he posted on his profile. And, typically, his posts are nothing more than promotional posts related to his bar. So, it caught his followers way off guard when he posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend.

That being said, if you are current with Storage Wars Season 13… You know Jarrod Schulz did appear in the first episode. You also know that he did have a post on his Instagram promoting the new season. He, however, has since deleted his post promoting the show. Some of his followers can’t help but wonder if this means he’s officially off the show.

Jarrod Schulz YouTube

Wait, why would he leave the show after just coming back?

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante are no longer together. And, they have a pretty toxic relationship. He made it clear early on that he would outbid Brandi out of spite even if he didn’t want a locker just so she could not have it. The duo also had nothing kind to say to each other on the show. The drama on the show, however, isn’t what may have gotten him booted from the show.

As we previously reported, criminal charges were pressed against Jarrod. He allegedly committed domestic battery against Brandi Passante while she was hanging out with friends at a bar. News later broke that the network was conducting an internal investigation. The network did not condone what he was accused of. Pending their investigation, he could be removed from the cast.

Now, it is also possible the network asked him to remove the post from Instagram. But, fans know Jarrod is a pretty spiteful individual. So, if he was booted from the show… It would make sense that he would remove any trace of it from his profile.

Are you bummed Jarrod might be off the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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