Yikes! Jill Duggar’s Boys Bring Dead Rodent Gift Home

ill Duggar's Boys Sam - Israel

Jill Duggar’s boys just stressed her out when they brought home an unexpected and unwanted gift. The Counting On alum is keen to communicate a lot of knowledge to her sons. However, it seems she perhaps forgot to tell them that dead rodents should be left alone. After all, you never know if they might carry disease and germs on them. Her sons can be very active and curious, but hopefully, they don’t pick up dead things again.

Jill Duggar’s boys seem very curious about life

Sam  & Israel seem like nice boys with bright personalities and a curious attitude to life. Fans often see them being cute, but sometimes, they stress their mom out. TLC fans know that Jill feels some stress as she shared about breaking out in acne. Well, she probably already stressed about her brother Josh and his recent arrest for possession of explicit child abuse materials. Bear in mind, her own victimization by her brother probably brings all those dreadful memories back again.

Jill Duggar Shares Stress-Induced Facial Breakout With Fans

On that note, Jill Duggar’s boys won’t be allowed to live in ignorance of that sort of thing. She already primes them on learning about what’s right and what’s wrong. We reported in November last year, that she promoted a book called, ‘Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.’ At the time, she said it will help parents talk to their children about bad pictures or porn with their children. So, it looks, like she’s all over that. However, she probably needs more books about germs and animals.

Yikes! A dead rodent

Taking to her Instagram stories this week, the Counting On alum told her fans about the dead rodent. Jill Duggar’s boys thought they found a dead mouse. However, it wasn’t one of them. In her caption, The TLC alum noted that they found a dead mole. They seemed incredibly “proud” of their discovery. However, to Jill’s disgust, she discovered that one of her boys actually touched it. So she said that she “threw it out” before “scrubbing them up.” Knowing their dad Derick Dillard, he probably chats with them as well, as he seems very keen on their education.

Actually, Jill Duggar’s boys came into the spotlight recently, when she shared that she let Sam try a taste of her two-year-old frozen breast milk. He didn’t like it and so she gave it to her dog. At least fans know that Sam’s got a sensible head on him. Hopefully, he won’t touch a dead rodent again.

What do you think about Sam & Israel giving their mom such a gruesome gift? Sound off in the comments below.

Jill Duggar's Boy Bring Home A dead rodent
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram Stories

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