Trent Johnston Whips Out His Blower To Spice Up Lunar Celebration 

Amber and Trent Johnston YouTube

Trent Johnston decided to spice up the family’s Lunar New Year celebration by whipping out his blower.

The Johnstons celebrate the Lunar New Year, Trent whips out his blower

TLC shared a 3-minute video clip of the Johnstons family celebrating the Lunar New Year by lighting paper lanterns. The family took a much safer approach compared to the lanterns people light before letting them float into the sky. Floating lanterns are banned in many places because they are a fire hazard. As the family explained at the beginning of the video clip, the candle in these lanterns is stuck in the middle. This way it won’t fall over or go anywhere after it gets lit. After lighting the candle in these lanterns, the family pushes them into the pool.

Amber Johnston takes a moment to explain the purpose of the lanterns to the viewers. She explains the lanterns are a sign of hope for a bright new future. Trent chimes in joking the whole pool should be on fire.

After getting the lanterns in the water, Trent remembers he forgot something and races back in the house. He comes back out and whips his blower out.

Amber and Trent Johnston YouTube

Jonah notes it wouldn’t be a true Johnston event without his father finding some way to “up the ante.” What better way to do that than to bring his blower to a lantern festival?

Anna didn’t understand what her father was doing

Anna Johnston admitted she wasn’t sure why her father whipped out his blower. She said he did get the lanterns across the pool. But, what was the point in doing that? Eventually, Trent managed to scatter the lanterns so they were floating all over the pool instead of being clumped in one spot. He, however, did manage to drown one candle after one lantern flipped over because of his blower.


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The Johnston family decided to leave the lanterns in the pool to burn all night. They concluded their celebration by lighting and watching fireworks together as a family.

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