Hazel Busby Physical Challenges? Adam Discusses Why Cheer Camp Didn’t Happen 

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OutDaughtered fans know Adam and Danielle Busby have had some struggles with Hazel’s health (especially with her vision). Unfortunately, it turns out she has some physical challenges as well. With the rest of the quints going to a cheerleading-themed summer camp, Adam Busby got candid about Hazel’s physical challenges.

Hazel Busby’s physical challenges explained by Adam

As we previously reported, fans have praised Adam and Danielle Busby for allowing Hazel to opt out of cheer summer camp. Adam, however, still felt the need to go into greater detail regarding why. Turns out, it wasn’t just as simple as Hazel didn’t want to do it. Hazel has some physical challenges that got in the way.

According to her father, Hazel has some balance and coordination issues. Adam Busby goes on to explain her balance and coordination issues can make some things a little more challenging for Hazel. Unfortunately, this also makes things like cheer summer camp not a fun activity for Hazel. Why? Well, her physical challenges end up making the camp more work and less fun for the quint.

Not wanting Hazel Busby to be miserable at summer camp, Adam and Danielle agreed it made more sense to keep her home for some quality one-on-one time with dad.

Adam Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered daddy makes the most of their time together

Adam Busby took to Instagram recently to note he cherishes nothing more than the rare opportunity to spend alone time with one of his children. With Hazel not going to summer camp, she’s getting a lot of quality time with Adam. And, he’s doing his best to make the most of it.

As we previously reported, he crafted a whole daddy camp to make sure she could get the same summer camp experience so she didn’t feel too excluded.

Adam Busby Instagram

Adam and Hazel Busby have spent the last two days getting out of the house. Getting out of the house and doing a lot of fun activities together. The first day, they went roller skating. And, the second day they ventured to a man-made lagoon for the first time.

The TLC father has generously shared tons of photos from their one-on-one time together. And, fans have been here for it.

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