‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3 Finale Recap: June 7

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Last week on Seeking Sister Wife, Colton admitted it was not a fit between him and Kimberley. The Winders decided they were grateful for what they have and hoped the next step would be a pregnant Tami. Alexandra came by the Joneses for a group date. It did not go as they planned and she was not the one. The Clarks have settled on meeting Christa and are hoping to fly her out from Texas. Ashley helped Dimitri plan a lavish backyard proposal for Chrissy. She said yes and now has to legally marry him to stay in America. Finally, the Merrifields headed to Mexico to start the babymaking process. They rented a villa and brought along their two sons and Dannielle’s parents. This should be an interesting visit, to say the least.

Seeking Sister Wife Roberta Arrives In Mexico

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

The primary goal of the Mexico trip is for Garrick and Roberta to make a baby. Originally they would have gone back for their wedding but COVID changed their minds. Dannielle’s parents have only met her over video chat. They still have reservations about plural marriage. Now it is time to meet her face-to-face but she does not know they are there. After eight months since the Merrifields have seen Bert, Garrick instructs his in-laws as to where they should hide.

Bert comes through the door and the hugs and love are overflowing from the Merrifields and their kids. Then, she is taken to the kitchen where Scott and Lu await her. She breaks down in tears but they embrace her. They admit it is strange when she calls them “mom”  and “dad” but feel she is a nice girl.

Mama Lu felt a connection whereas Scott is concerned about Bert becoming pregnant. What if she has the baby in Brazil? Lu just hopes Garrick has a plan because so much is unknown in the whole situation. Garrick’s only concern is his in-laws hearing them when they are intimate. He thinks Scott will be cool but Lu won’t be as forgiving. His solution is putting on music. So he does have a plan.

Another Snowden Wedding- But Make It Legal

Ashley and Dimitri are only spiritually married so he can legally wed Chrissy. It was noted in a prior episode that papers were filed so Ashley and their three kids would be protected if anything happened to him. It has been a week since Dimitri proposed to Chrissy and now it’s their wedding day. They are organizing flowers, some of which represent South Africa.

She is happy and in love but it is hard as this is the longest Chrissy and her girls have been away from South Africa. Dimitri is over the moon to show Ashley the rings he chose. When they got engaged, he proposed with an anklet. He notes this wedding is very different from the Vanessa wedding.

COVID has caused it to be super small. Additionally, it is the first time they have ever done a legal wedding. Ashley believes they have gotten it right this time around. She can just feel Chrissy is the right one for their family.

Merrifield Family Bonding

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

While Garrick and Bert are getting drinks for the family, Dannielle is chatting with her parents by the pool. The kids are playing so they are asking her the tough questions. How will she feel if Bert gets pregnant? For Mama Lu, she is trying not to think of the two being intimate at all. The two finally arrive with cocktails and Bert quickly removes her cover-up to reveal a slinky bikini.

Dannielle soon does the same but hers is a bit more modest. Just a few moments prior, she had joked that Garrick was off kissing his other wife. Garrick breaks out the babymaker, a liquor they tried on their last trip to Mexico. He makes a toast to babymaking. Scott says it sounds so dirty, which it does.

Lu questions both Bert and Garrick and if they are ready for this step. What if she does get stuck in Brazil? Garrick says he has faith in God for it to work out. Scott is next up with the questions. Garrick just says they will stick together as a family. Scott sees him moving ahead no matter the cost but wants his SIL to remember Dannielle is the reason he gets to be with Bert.

Snowden’s Seeking Sister Wife Wedding Day

It is the day of the wedding but Chrissy reveals she has yet to tell her family she’s getting married. She speaks to them daily in her native language. This is something she has failed to mention because she fears she won’t get their blessing. Her brother is the one she is most fearful of and she does not want to have to choose between love and family. She decides to do the video chat so Dimitri offers to come on and ask for their blessing.

Though taken aback at first by the idea of a plural relationship, her brother gives his blessing. He just wishes he could have been there to celebrate. This is Chrissy’s first legal marriage so everyone is getting ready. A friend of Dimitri’s is the officiant and they have a lot of paperwork to sign. Ashley feels great to be giving the gift of legal marriage to Chrissy.

Dimitri says the last wedding was an epic fail but this time is different. He sees Chrissy choosing them every day. They do their vows, exchange rings, and he moves her engagement anklet to the other ankle. Then, Ashley presents her with a Bindi. Women are the creators and it means Ashley established the family and she is passing the torch. They hug and say their family is complete for now.

Making A Merrifield Baby

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Bert and Garrick wake up in bed together. It’s their first time being intimate in eight months. They have officially tried to make a baby. He asks if she wants to get coffee or try once more and she says he can have it all he wants. Meanwhile, Dannielle and her mother are outside trying to figure this whole situation out. Bert still has not been approved to come to America. Yet, Garrick has taken a grand step towards changing his life with her.

As time has gone by, Garrick’s been enjoying his time with everyone. They have been doing everything as a family, cooking and playing. He is seeing how a plural family works and it is making him really happy. Now it is time for Scott to have a chat with his SIL. He wants to remind him what Dannielle gave up for Roberta to be in the family. Garrick says Dannielle will always be a priority yet he lost his family choosing polygamy. This has caused him and Scott to become closer so Scott is ready to be completely honest with him.

He addresses the possible pregnancy if Roberta’s visa does not get approved. Garrick would have to leave but Scott worries about his daughter and grandkids. He tells him to man up after Garrick brings up some Bible verses. There are a lot of responsibilities in Colorado including the Merrifield business. Garrick hopes the wives will team up and help out so he hopes Scott will see the light.

A Seeking Sister Wife Cliffhanger!

The trip is coming to a close for the Merrifields. Dannielle does know she gets to leave with Garrick while Bert goes home alone to Brazil. As they are all sitting down together, Garrick announces the first part of Bert’s K1 has been approved. Her translator app is not on so she is not quite sure what he has said until Dannielle and Garrick break it down for her.

She immediately hugs Dannielle and has one more interview in Rio. Mama Lu shares she was trepidatious at first. Now that she has seen all of them interact, she is really happy for all of them. Scott is happy, as well now that he has met her. When asked by producers how she feels about everything, Dannielle tears up and says she is actually more confident now than before. She is hopeful for the future.

It does not appear there will be the typical tell-all. However, now that the season is over, they are probably free from NDAs. What did you think of the Seeking Sister Wife finale? Let us know in the comments!






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