OMG!!! Kody Brown’s Latest Action Has ‘Sister Wives’ Fans STUNNED

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Kody Brown’s latest action has left Sister Wives fans stunned. What did Kody do that has fans so shook? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Kody Brown makes a move that has Sister Wives fans stunned

According to The Hollywood GossipSister Wives fans are stunned because Kody Brown attended his daughter Ysabel’s graduation with his wife Christine. Now, if you are wondering why this is so shocking to some fans… It’s really pretty simple. It wasn’t that long ago that Kody Brown was dragged for his treatment of Ysabel. Sister Wives fans questioned how much he cared about his daughter and why he didn’t support his wife more. What was it that Kody did to receive this backlash exactly?

Ysabel had surgery without the support of her father

As we previously reported, Ysabel Brown had surgery about a year ago. Christine Brown flew to be by her daughter’s side during the back surgery. Sister Wives fans had one big question: where the heck was Kody Brown? Why didn’t he fly to be with his daughter and his wife during this difficult time? Was he really picking Robyn Brown over his daughter?

Kody Brown was furthered dragged for being selfish because he didn’t contribute any money toward the expenses of the surgery. Christine Brown resorted to begging fans and followers for money to help cover her daughter’s medical expenses. This, of course, had fans wondering: what happened to this family’s money? Why didn’t Christine have the money for this surgery?

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Has Kody blown all the family money?

Sister Wive fans assume Kody Brown has blown all of the family money. In fact, it appears as if all of his wives have resorted to going on business ventures of their own to make money to support themselves and their children (for those with children still living at home).

For example, fans know Kody Brown spent nearly $1 million dollars for the land on Coyote Pass. He proposed building one giant house for everyone. Next, he proposed building a house for each wife. To date, he’s done absolutely nothing with the land he spent a ton of money on.

He’s also considered a poor husband

Presently, fans don’t think very highly of him as a husband either. In fact, they suspect he only has love for his newest wife Robyn. Many question why he’s still in a marriage with any of his first three wives. In fact, Kody and Meri Brown have made it clear there is nothing between them anymore beyond an obligation to continue to be married.

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With everything fans think and feel about Kody Brown, it is no surprised his recent attendance at his daughter’s graduation confused everyone. What do you think about Kody Brown? Share your thoughts with us. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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  1. In the picture of Kody at the graduation did anyone notice he is standing on his toes?
    I just had laugh at that.

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