Jade Roper Does The Cocomelon Challenge – Did The Kids React?

Jade Roper Brooks Cocomelon Challenge

Jade Roper finally gave in and tried out the Cocomelon Challenge that’s all the rage on TikTok at the moment. Massively popular, many kids became familiar with the YouTube channel. Popular beyond the creator’s wildest dreams, it seems that kids fall in love with it. Just the sound of the intro jingle apparently works like a parched duck spying a far-off pond. Or perhaps, it works like a silent dog whistle that calls dogs back their owners. Is there a kid alive who doesn’t find the jingle irresistible? Jade put Brooks and Emmy to the test.

Jade Roper sometimes find parenting difficult

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise know that sometimes, Jade Roper finds parenting hard. Not because she’s an incompetent mom, but because she tries so hard. While she admits she sometimes fails, it’s difficult for her as she always wants to be a perfect mom. Well, ABC fans think she does a terrific job with Emmy, Brooks, and Reed Tolbert. Well, she might not be a perfect mom all the time, but she hit the jackpot with her Cocomelon Challenge this weekend.

Jade Roper Tolbert Of ‘BiP’ Feels Pressured To Be The Perfect Mom

Fans know that her middle son, Brooks is adorable and totally kissable. Jade Roper decided to see if her kids could resist reacting to the Cocomelon challenge. Actually, on TikTok, it seems that most kids come running when they hear it. She really enjoyed the reaction by Brooks. If you don’t know, the “YouTube Tube channel Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes dominates the U.S. top 50″ regularly. According to Tube Filter, in the week ending June 6, the channel received “531.3 million weekly views.”

Cocomelon Challenge – Did it work for the BiP star?

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, June 6, Jade Roper posted up a clip she recorded. She wondered if the kids would react. In her caption, the ABC star wrote, “Cocomelon Challenge! Saw this challenge trending a couple weeks back and finally remembered to try this. 😂😂 Brooksy mid breakfast has me cracking up! Who else’s kids would come running!?”

Well, the kids actually started coming down the passage as soon as the intro jingle started playing. Little Brooks still clutched his breakfast! One fan told the Bachelor in Paradise star, “Ha ha as I watched this my 4 year old peeked down from upstairs and said what are you watching? Cocomelon?”

What are your thoughts on the Cocomelon Challenge? Like Jade Roper from Bachelor in Paradise, do your kids find the jingle irresistible? Sound off in the comments below.

Jade Roper Does The CoComelon Challenge - Did The Kids React
Credit: Jade Liz Roper | Instagram

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