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Is Kendra Duggar’s Sister Lauren Caldwell Courting Anyone?

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Duggar fans have come to know and love the Caldwell family since Kendra Caldwell and Joe Duggar tied the knot a few years ago. Though the Caldwells don’t have their own TV show, fans still enjoy keeping up with them on social media. Fans are especially interested in Lauren Caldwell, the second of Paul and Christina Caldwell’s children.

Fans may recall that Lauren was engaged to be married to a man named Titus Hall. He popped the question while on a beach vacation with the Caldwell family in October. After Lauren said yes, the family shared a post about the engagement on their Instagram page, and Joe and Kendra shared one on theirs too.

Then, less than two months later, all of the posts about the engagement were gone. The family deleted the announcement without saying a word, and the rest of the beach pictures are still on their page.

Caldwell Family Instagram (Lauren Caldwell engagement)
Caldwell Family Instagram

Could Lauren Caldwell be in a courtship?

So, now fans are wondering if Lauren is courting anyone yet following the failed engagement. At this point, the Caldwells haven’t responded to any of the questions about Lauren possibly courting someone or about her engagement to Titus.

When she was in a courtship, the family didn’t share about Titus at all on Instagram until he popped the question. So, if they stick with that same pattern, they may not announce a courtship. They might just wait until Lauren’s engaged. It’s possible that they will be more cautious this time due to her failed engagement before. Maybe they won’t share too many details on social media at all when it comes to Lauren’s love life.

So, because the family is laying pretty low, we can’t say for sure whether Lauren is in another courtship.

Which Duggar men are eligible bachelors?

Fans are hopeful that there will be another Duggar-Caldwell marriage somewhere down the line. Family patriarchs Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell reportedly had a falling out that could affect Lauren’s chances of courting a Duggar man. But there’s still a possibility that the two families will come together again.

There are a few Duggar guys who are of courting age and still single. Lauren is 21 years old. The eligible bachelors include:

  • Jeremiah, 22
  • Jason, 21
  • James, 19

There have been rumors about Lauren courting several different Duggars. She was even rumored to be engaged to Jedidiah Duggar, but that ended up being false as Jedidiah married Katey Nakatsu.

So, do you think that Lauren Caldwell is courting anyone right now? Or do you think she’s enjoying the single life? Let us know in the comments below.

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