Jeremiah Duggar Reportedly Spotted With Rumored GF & No Chaperone

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Another Duggar courtship staying under wraps? It’s looking that way. Recently, the Duggars have been pretty secretive about their kids’ relationships. Now, it seems like Jeremiah Duggar could be in a serious relationship.

Jeremiah Duggar spotted with rumored girlfriend

According to a Reddit user, Jeremiah was seen out and about with a possible girlfriend. The user writes: “My cousin and I are both from Arkansas and she is living in NWA now. She said yesterday she saw Jeremiah out and about with a girl who it appeared he was courting.”

The user wonders if the family could be keeping this possible courtship private due to the drama surrounding Josh Duggar’s recent arrest. The official Duggar family Instagram page hasn’t posted since Josh was arrested, and they seem to be laying low.

Jeremiah Duggar Instagram
Jeremiah Duggar Instagram

Who is he supposedly dating?

Recently, rumors about Jedidiah dating a woman named Hannah Wissmann have been going around. You might recognize the last name Wissmann, as Jana Duggar is rumored to be dating Stephen Wissmann. So, there could be two upcoming Duggar-Wissmann weddings if these rumors are all true.

The original Reddit user sent their cousin a photo of Hannah, and the cousin who supposedly saw Jeremiah and Hannah out and about confirmed that it was her.

Not only was the pair spotted together, but it sounds like they weren’t chaperoned. Because the Duggars court instead of date, they have to adhere to a specific set of rules. One of those rules is that they must be supervised while on dates. They also can’t show signs of affection, but when they get engaged they can hold hands. Sure enough, the pair was reportedly holding hands too. So, it’s possible they’re already engaged.

Jeremiah Courting
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As of right now, the Duggar family has yet to reveal whether Jeremiah is in a courtship. The 22-year-old is of courting age and could be in a relationship. Knowing that Hannah and Jeremiah may have been spending time together this weekend only fuels the fire.

Only time will tell whether they are truly dating. But fans shouldn’t be surprised if we get another surprise wedding like Jedidiah Duggar’s. 

So, do you believe the source that Jeremiah Duggar was out and about with his rumored girlfriend? Do you think wedding bells are coming up fast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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