Jenelle Evans Rages As Haters Attack Jace: Don’t Hurt Them To Hurt Me

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Jenelle Evans has become quite accustomed to harassment from web trolls. This time, however, Jenelle’s haters are coming after her kids — and she’s clearly got a lot to say about it.

Jenelle Evans Vs The Internet Trolls

After spending the majority of her adult life in the public eye, Jenelle is no stranger when it comes to web warriors. In fact, over the years, she officially ranks as one of the most hated Teen Mom cast members of all time. Even after her time on the popular MTV reality show ended, Jenelle continued to make large parts of her life public — thus inviting both fans and trolls to form their own opinions. Unfortunately for Jenelle, the army of folks that dislike her – tend to go above and beyond for their cause.

Whether it was her relationship with her husband, her social media posts, or an attempt at expanding her business endeavors – Jenelle’s trolls have struck time and time again – and have, on occasion created very tangible issues for the reality celeb.

Haters Work to ‘Cancel’ Jenelle IRL

Post MTV, Jenelle has attempted several entrepreneurial efforts. Many of these included various social media brand sponsorships and various television ad appearances. Initially, brands were excited to work with Jenelle.  These deals quickly went south, however, when the public caught wind of the arrangements.

It seems, that Jenelle’s haters didn’t feel she deserved these opportunities and made it a point to try and get the companies to pull out of the agreements. In the past, internet trolls have not only tagged the companies on social media, they have also called and contacted the businesses directly – letting them know what a poor choice they made in hiring brand representation. Sadly, for Jenelle, these calls and schemes effectively ended budding business relationships including sponsorships with Blue Apron, Pranamatand a clothing brand called Patpat. 

Online Trolls Aren’s The Only Haters

Jenelle was also allegedly fired from her position in the Girl Sh*T podcast. The troll responsible for that, however, is claiming her part. According to Heavy the former MTV cast member was fired from the podcast show before it even launched – and another female reality star is taking credit for getting her canned. 90 Day Fiance star Deaven Clegg revealed in a recent interview that she told show producers she would not take part if Evans was involved, citing moral issues with the whole ‘Nugget Situation.’ Clegg reports that Evans was subsequently let go, however, no official statements were made regarding the issue.

Jenelle and Jace Evans
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Haters Take Their Mission Too Far

While avid trolls have typically reserved their disdain for Jenelle, it seems they are moving to new lows. Earlier today, Jenelle took to social media to rant about ‘haters’ targeting her children. This time it is her oldest, Jace.


Jace is banned from @tiktok because of Twitter haters 🙄 #GetALife @jve8209

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Jace appeared in a video with his mother, just yesterday, and posted it to the popular social media site, TikTok. The site reports that within hours, a horde of Jenelle Evans haters had reported the account. The site immediately shut down Jace’s profile.

Jenelle quickly took to her own Tiktok this morning, to address the trolls who felt like they needed to stomp on her children in order to get to her. In her Tiktok, she shows screenshots of comments from viewers debating the child’s age. Many called for the banning of the account because he is under 12. Jenelle is quick to pull up the site’s TOS. She makes sure to point out the verbiage stating children under 13 may have an account with parental consent.

Jenelle Evans, Tik Tok
Photo Credit: Jenelle Evans| TikTik

In case anyone is wondering – Children under 13 CAN have a TikTok account. Earlier this year, TODAY released an article about the site’s new efforts to create an age-appropriate experience for younger users. Back in January, the news outlet said:

“TikTok is partnering with Common Sense Networks, a division of Common Sense Media that curates age-appropriate content for kids and families, to improve upon TikTok for Younger Users, a limited version of the app designed for kids under age 13.”

While we cannot speak to whether Jace‘s account was a limited youth account – because well, that’s none of our business, such a thing does exist. So, despite the commentary to the contrary, she wasn’t ‘talking nonsense,’ as some of the commenters on the video claimed.

JE Tells Trolls to ‘Grow Up’

In the video she posted, Jenelle Evans also took the time to screenshot a number of the comments that had been made about the video on social media. It seems that some of these people really had no other motivation to target the child. They simply wanted to get a rise from Janelle. One user on Twitter stated that she not only reported Jace’s Instagram account- but also his sister, Ensley’s.

‘He’ll be 12 in August. I just reported his and Ensley’s IG accounts for being under 13 too. JE is going to flip her lid if they get shut down.”

Commenters on social media argued over whether Jace should be on social media. Many stood up for Jenelle, taking shots at the haters who really seemed to have it out for her children. Others used it as an opportunity to take stabs at Jenelle’s parenting skills. Jenelle seemed irritated by the fact that grown adults would try and harass her children. She reminds them in her Tiktok that while they are sabotaging her children to try and get to her – it’s not her feelings their hurting.

“Why ruin my children’s opportunities because you dislike me,” she asks in the closing of her vid, “That’s Ridiculous. GROW UP.”

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