‘Counting On’ Viewers Concerned For Jessa Seewald’s Son: ‘Poor Henry’

Jessa Seewald, Counting On

Counting On star Jessa Seewald is under fire for a recent video she shared. Now, viewers are saying that they feel bad for her four-year-old son Henry. So, what’s going on?

Counting On star Jessa Seewald shares a new video.

Jessa has three kids with her husband Ben. Spurgeon is 5, Henry is 4, and Ivy is 2. Baby number four will arrive this summer. On YouTube, Jessa posted a new video of the family celebrating Ivy’s second birthday.

For the kids’ birthdays, the Seewalds celebrate them for an entire week. They get a present each day and get to soak up all the special attention. Fans love getting to be a part of the kids’ birthdays thanks to social media. In the video, Ivy opens all kinds of great gifts, including a baby doll stroller, a princess dress, and so much more. And she and her brothers seem to adore the new toys.

While this might sound like a fun and uplifting video, some viewers noticed something concerning about it.

Why is everyone worried about Henry?

In a thread on Reddit, Duggar critics began chatting about the video Jessa posted. According to these Reddit users, it looks like Jessa is treating Henry differently from how she treats the rest of her children. The original user writes, “Just watched Ivy’s birthday video. Literally every time Henry speaks or tries to get his mom’s attention, she ignores him. My heart just breaks watching him get ignored like that.”

Another user points out that Henry shared his birthday gifts with Ivy, but Jessa didn’t ask Ivy to share with Henry. They write, “Then she wouldn’t let him touch the gifts. Yet on his birthday, he had to let Ivy play with his gifts. Smh.”

Another user chimes in and says, “He’s obviously ignored. The atmosphere of the house seemed cold. I think that stems from a disconnect between Jessa and Ben. They don’t seem happy in their but because of their beliefs they’re going to stick it out. Poor Henry!”

Poor Henry
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Many fans are impressed with Jessa’s parenting style most of the time. But she has been called out multiple times for ignoring Henry or treating Spurgeon and Ivy like they are her favorites. Jessa has yet to respond to any of these claims.

So, do you agree with Counting On viewers saying that Jessa Seewald treats Henry differently? Or do you think everything is okay with the Seewald family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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