Where’s Jarrod?! Brandi Passante Soaks In Hot Tub With Two New Guys

The question of “Where’s Jarrod” still lives on in the comments of Brandi Passante’s Instagram. Those who have watched Season 13 of Storage Wars understand Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz are no longer an item. But, those who are not current on the show seem to have a hard time letting this couple go.

Brandi Passante posted a photo of herself “bubblin’ over” on Memorial Day weekend. Her 285,000 followers had a lot of questions. But, one of the most noticeable comments was simply someone asking where’s Jarrod in relation to Brandi Passanate’s picture.

Brandi Passante’s Picture Provokes Question: Where’s Jarrod?!

Brandi Passante’s latest Instagram snap had many wondering where’s Jarrod. Others, however, were scratching their heads at the question because Jarrod and Brandi are no longer together. Moreover, it appears as if they haven’t been a couple for a few years now. Likewise, we’ve reported Jarrod has moved on and has a new lady in his life.

Brandi, however, seems to be a bit damaged by the relationship with Jarrod. And, she’s made it clear she isn’t too keen to jump back into dating right now.

Is She Dipping Her Toes Into The Dating Pool?!

The photo down below from Brandi’s Instagram shows her soaking in the hot tub with two men. As those who follow her on Instagram know, she has a pretty healthy following of those who follow because they find her attractive. These followers were quick to applaud the men in the hot tub for not realizing how lucky they were to be in there with Brandi.

Brandi Passante Instagram

Where’s Jarrod was not the only question this picture of Brandi Passante inspired. Many of her followers wanted to know where the bikini snap without the bubbles was hiding. After all, Brandi has a pretty healthy following of people who appreciate seeing her show off her figure in a tantalizing bikini.

Are you surprised some Storage Wars fans continue to ask Where’s Jarrod in Brandi Passante’s Instagram posts? Do you think this bothers her? Do you wish you were in that hot tub with Brandi? Stick with us for the latest Storage Wars related news.

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