Check Out Danielle And Adam Busby’s First Trip Of The Summer

Danielle And Adam Busby Vacations

Danielle and Adam Busby from OutDaughtered seem very fortunate as they afford numerous vacations with the kids. Of course, money doesn’t fall out of the sky and they work hard for it. Additionally, it’s quite possible that TLC foots the bill for some of them. With summer arriving, it looks like they plan more than one vacation this year. Interestingly, the first one is where they visited before.

Danielle And Adam Busby take the kids to a favorite destination

OutDaughtered fans might recall that last year, plenty of renovations went on in the house. In fact, TLC covered some of that in the show. Cleverly, Adam knew that kids and builders don’t mix, so he budgeted for vacations ahead of time. They went all over the place, and also enjoyed a short trip to Splashway Waterpark & Campgrounds. Obviously, they enjoyed it so much that they visit the place again this summer.

‘OutDaughtered’ Dad Adam Busby Shares Second Splashway Waterpark Vlog

While the kids loved the slides there last year, Danielle and Adam Busby also took the opportunity to let Hazel explore her interests. Actually, Adam, in particular, seemed delighted that his redhead daughter took to fishing. At the time, he said that he’s hopeful he “found something that Hazel can get into.” In his photo, Hazel stood on the bank near the water looking like a real pro. Adam feels it suits her personality. He noted that “Hazel [focuses] on something intently for hours.” So, she probably tries her hand at it again this year.

TLC stars revisit Splashway Water Park

Danielle and Adam Busby told their fans that Blayke always loved water parks. When the quints were just two years old, they enjoyed a successful day trip to one. At that time, the babies took up a lot of luggage and made it all a bit difficult. However, they never lost their affection for watery fun. This week, Danielle announced their return to Splashway.

Danielle and Adam Busby love the place just as much as the kids. Danielle said, “We LOVE this place.❤️And [the] best part is, the kids aren’t the only ones who have fun here!!!” So, she and her husband look forward to messing about on the “BIG slides.” Notably, she confirmed in her Instrgam Stories that yes, the kids accompany them there again this year.

TLC fans should probably expect Adam to upload lots of footage on his YouTube channel, It’s A Buzz World. Alternatively, fans might see more of their summer vacations in a new season of the show. Do you enjoy visiting a waterpark with your kids? Sound off your affordable recommendations in the comments below.

Danielle And Adam Busby Summer Vacation
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

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