’Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Brush‘s Son Axel Gets Hair Cut: See Photo

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown shared a couple of photos of her son Axel. The before and after photos seem astonishing as he totally looked different. In fact, it becomes quite obvious that he strongly takes after Janelle Brown’s side of the family. Fans might think that he looks like Gabe or Garrison, or perhaps, even Hunter. The photos came after she took her son to get his hair cut.

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown

We reported that the TLC star spoke with her fans on her Instagram stories this week. She said that plan their summer vacation right now. Planning on a camping trip, she asked if anyone knows a good place somewhere near the Mountains in North Carolina. In fact, it sounds like a really nice way for the family to enjoy this summer. After all, both her kids walk and run about these days, even Evie with her false foot. So, Maddie decided her son needed a cut ahead of their upcoming vacation.

Maddie Brown Brush Plans Her Summer Vacation – What Is It?

Fans of Sister Wives know that the son of Maddie Brown already celebrated his 4th birthday. The Entertainment Chronicle reported that his grandma celebrated her big boy grandson on his birthday by sharing a very cute photo of him on the beach. So, he now reached an age where hiking and swimming or fishing might keep him occupied for days. Additionally, for Axel, who already started Pre-K, he probably appreciates the concept of a break from school, as well. So, summer’s in the air and he’s ready for it.

The before and after photos Axel

Taking to her Instagram on May 28, Sister Wives star Maddie Brown posted up a photo of her son with his longer hair. Obviously, he grew it through the cold winter weather. However, with warmer weather, he might be too hot. His mom captioned it with, “Time to say goodbye to the hair for the summer.” In the next photo, his short hair revealed that mischief pixie face. Cropped short, he really looks like a range of his uncles share their looks with him.

The son of Sister Wives star Maddie Brown looked super-cute with his shorn hair. Actually, it seems a pity she didn’t post it on her main Instagram. As Stories expire after a day or so, fans can’t comment on his new cut. Well, no doubt, soon more photos appear of her son with his shorn head of hair and fans can comment there, instead.

What do think about Axel with his new summer haircut? Do you think he might closely resemble his uncle Garrison? Or, perhaps he looks a bit like Gabrielle, Maddie’s younger brother. Sound off in the comments below.

Sister Wives Maddie Brown Brush‘s Son Axel Gets Hair Cut See Photo
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

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