Emma & Alex Johnston Put A Smile On Their Parents’ Faces

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Emma & Alex Johnston feature in the new season of 7 Little Johnstons. Fans already saw Emma chipping in her thoughts on her sisters leaving home. Plus, Alex ran into trouble for messing about inside with his dad’s clogs. Neither of these incidents brought them many kudos from their parents, Trent and Amber. However, the news comes now that both kids put a smile on their faces in the last year or so.

Emma & Alex Johnston news update on last season

In the new season of the 7 Little Johnstons show, fans see Anna in conflict with her very grumpy parents. In fact, it escalated into ugly confrontations and tension. So, fans wonder if Amber in particular is always in a bad mood. Well, fans heard last year, that the two younger kids started their Freshman year at school. Naturally, TLC fans felt a bit shocked as they suddenly seemed so grown up. The news that arrived via Instagram came with smiling emojis from their parents. Clearly, they don’t remain in a permanent state of grumpiness.

‘7 Little Johnstons’: Emma And Alex Start Their Freshman Year At School

Then in the last season of the show, fans saw that Emma & Alex Johnston obtained their learner’s permit. In no time at all, fans probably see them get their provisional license as well. In January 2021, fans admitted they find it difficult accepting that they grew into teenagers already. After all, just yesterday, they were still little kids, fans think. Now, Meaww talks about new reveals that show the two kids did really well in their Freshmen year. The outlet reminded 7 Little Johnstons fans that Alex revealed his interest in robotics. Meanwhile, Emma went for the cheer team. After a year, she landed up as the “co-captain for the team.” Additionally, her teacher sang out her praises for the short teenager.

Something to smile about

Fans know that Emma & Alex Johnston take a great interest in non-academic subjects at shc0ol. Of course, Amber worries they might not take a deep interest in learning essential subjects. However, it seems that they do, in fact, study hard. Actually, these days, their parents have every reason to smile because they both made “honors all year.” The news came via the family’s Team7lj account on Instagram this week.

On Instagram Stories, a photo revealed the two kids, Emma & Alex Johnston giving victory hand symbols. Emma looked cute in her striped shorts that showed off her legs. Meanwhile, Alex looked very proud. You can see the slide below. Clearly, Trent and Amber seem very proud of their academic achievements.

What are your thoughts on the youngest kids in the family doing so well in school? Sound off in the comments below.

Emma & Alex Johnston Put A Smile On Their Parents' Faces
Credit: Team7lj | Instagram Stories

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