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‘RHONY’ Season 13 Episode 4 Recap: May 25

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Last week on RHONY, Luann planned a day for the ladies at the winery. It was time for Eboni to confront Ramona about her “the help” comment. Ramona claimed she was using it literally. Leah addressed Ramona’s claims that she gave plasma. It was a headline, however, it looked like she just got tested for the COVID antibodies. She pushed Ramona so hard that it became an all-out war. Luann was all about her new man, Garth, and introducing him to the ladies. Sadly, by the end of the night (and episode), Sonja was so drunk, she had lashed out at Ramona. It was a Hamptons trip turned sour and no hopes of turning back.

Sonja Is Off the RHONY Deep-End and Leah Goes Silent

Ramona is in Sonja’s line of fire. She had made a claim that Wells Fargo was better than JPMorgan. This makes Sonja mad because the Morgans are her family. She does not want to hear anything negative about them, especially from Ramona. Sonja continues to yell at Ramona and eventually throws food at her. Luann insists Ramona leave the room. Eventually, Lu has to leave, as well because this is too much for her sobriety.

The next morning, Sonja and Ramona are cuddling and it is all happiness and roses. Leah has called her sister to check in on her grandma while Eboni does the same. Ramona goes to speak to Luann and they come to the conclusion Sonja needs a man in her life. As they are talking, Leah comes to say hi. Ramona rudely dismisses her which now sets Leah off. She decides she will take a vow of silence until their Breakfast at Tiffany’s dinner that evening.

Luann’s boyfriend, Garth soon comes to train them. Ramona, Lu, and Sonja are there for the training and he will be cooking for them later. Inside, Eboni and Leah are chatting and getting glam. This is when Leah announces she will be silent all day. How long can she really be quiet though?

Oyster Shucking and A Blast From The RHONY Past

RHONY Credit: Ramona Singer Instagram
Credit: Ramona Singer Instagram

On the menu is oyster shucking for the day since Ramona loves her oysters. Of course, on the way, Lu’s men are brought up. The conversation turns to Tom and it becomes a mess. Lu claims he and Sonja were only intimate once. This sets Sonja off. She is already a mess and now she is being torn down. Eboni has to hop to her defense and remind Lu that friends should not be disparaging when there are tough roads ahead.

Back at the house, it is time to get ready for the BAT party. The ladies will all be dressed to the nines and Heather Thomson will be back. Leah is really mad at her because of some nasty things she said about the ladies on her podcast. Admittedly, she is in a bad state due to her grandma being ill. Heather arrives and everyone is gracious until dinner. That’s when Lu brings up podcasts. Leah starts talking about the stuff that Heather said.

Heather denies it but Leah has the article. There is talk of heavy drug use and such. Heather admits she called Lu fake. There is some Carole Radziwill bashing and then Ramona takes shots in the kitchen with the bartender. She says her friends can’t handle their alcohol so she drinks for them. The subject turns to intimate stuff which Ramona won’t talk about. It becomes an issue and has her fleeing leading to the next episode where Leah flies off the handle. Don’t miss RHONY Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.


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