‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Ken Spencer Speaks Out On Fearing Dimitri Snowden

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: MVP Parts Store

Ken Spencer was duped like so many Seeking Sister Wife fans. He, too, believed Dimitri Snowden was a stand-up charismatic man. However, after a failed business deal and a handful of threats, Spencer saw a side of Snowden he never expected. Ken and his wife, Suzi spoke with John Yates about how he spends his days living in fear. He also wants to bring validity to the domestic abuse allegations. Here are some of the highlights from his Yates YouTube interview.

Meeting Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimitri Snowden

Ken is the owner of MV Parts Store and builds military vehicles. Dimitri approached Ken and Suzi about producing a show focusing on their business. In order to make it seem legitimate, Snowden moved on with the Spencers. They were going to build him a truck valued at 60K without the cost of labor. In the end, he refused to pay for the truck, using his status as the reason why. Now, the couple is it one hundred grand because Dimitri won’t pay up.

He also mooched off of them while claiming to film his series as they built his truck. Whenever they went out, he allegedly would never foot the bill. However, Chrissy was the exact opposite. She came to stay for ten days and was a gem. Ken and Suzi noted they would take her and her kids in, no questions asked. They could see he had control over Chrissy though they never saw him physically abuse her.

Things got even weirder when Ashley was added to the mix. She would appear naked on the video calls. Things progressively got worse once Christeline left the Snowdens. The Spencers became even more involved when Dimitri threw away Chrissy’s phone but printed out her phone records. He saw communications between Suzi and Chrissy and demanded to know why. Soon, Dimitri’s inner beast came out on Ken.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Dimitri’s Two Sides

After refusing to give Dimitri the custom truck, he confronted Ken violently. Then, to try to soften the blow, Dimitri tried to convince Ken and Suzi to join Seeking Sister Wife. He told them to fake a relationship with an African-American waitress. Dimitri claimed TLC would not care and would pay up, especially since it was interracial. Ken added Dimitri is broke, though he portrays himself as wealthy. So broke that he had to stay in Wisconsin for four months until he was able to get the funds to fly home.

Ken randomly released a press release claiming he no longer had any affiliation with Dimitri. Admittedly, they felt for Dimitri when he was accused of domestic abuse. But it all went away when he wanted them to sign papers vouching for him and his innocence. They wanted to show it to a lawyer but that did not fly. Ken was the one who leaked the restraining order info to TMZ. He waited until Dimitri was back in Cali and far away from them.

Ken says every time he gets an alert on his phone, he is scared it is Dimitri at his shop. The same happens when he gets a call from California. The majority of people who watched the interview wholeheartedly believe Ken and Suzi.

What do you think of it all? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC and discovery+.

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