Ashley Iaconetti Updates Fans On Fertility, Is She Pregnant?

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Ashley Iaconetti is most known for crying a lot on the beach during Bachelor in Paradise, but she did get her happy ending after all. After a couple of years of pretending they weren’t meant to be, she and Jared Haibon finally made it official. The two are still happily married and trying for a baby.

Ashley has been very open about their process while they are trying to have a baby. She shared on Instagram they have been trying for six months. The reality star shared their only baby currently is their fur baby. In the cute post with her puppy, she let fans know all the details about their journey.

Ashley Iaconetti Shared A Lot About Fertility

Ashley Iaconetti didn’t hold back when talking about her and Jared’s process. She said she felt annoyed because she ovulated too early and missed the window. She blamed the stress of moving. Still, she said there might be, “a slim chance I’ll find myself pregnant come June.” Ashley said her OB told her it is normal for it to take six months or longer to get pregnant. She said the doctor told her they wouldn’t do any tests. They did decide to check Jared’s sperm count because it’s, “quick and non-invasive.”

She wanted to make it clear they aren’t struggling. Ashley said she’d received lots of messages and comments that showed her people thought so. She wanted to make sure people understood it takes different amounts of time for everybody. Ashley said the first couple of weeks after moving to Rhode Island, “I definitely had moments where I was like, ‘This is where I’m going to live FOREVER?!’ I’ve never lived anywhere that I thought was my forever.” Ashley also joked that she was she’s happy when he’s happy and not in an “I’m obsessed with him BIP crazed sort of way.” She also shared they were going to build a house in East Greenwich, RI to raise a family in.

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Fans Can’t Wait For The Two To Become Parents

Fans are sharing with Ashley Iaconetti it took a long time for them to conceive as well. One said, “I love how open you are about your TTC journey! We need the break the “stigma” around ttc/pregnancy etc.” Another said, “can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your TTC journey! It’s been so reassuring and helpful for me.” A third said, “I love that you seem to be taking this in stride and not panicking about it yet.”

There is no doubt they are ready to be parents. Ashley said, “thanks for all the love & baby dust you guys have been sending!” Comment what you think below.

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