‘My 600-LB Life’ Lashanta White: Where Is She Now?

My 600-LB Life Lashanta White

My 600-Lb Life Lashanta White, like many other cast members, initially struggled with losing weight for gastric surgery. Well, plenty of other people also experienced the same problems. After all, a food addiction seems just as hard as any other to stop. She managed to meet her goal with a struggle and finally qualified for surgery. So, where is she now? Did she make something of her life?

My 600-Lb Life Lashanta White and other achievers

We reported on a slew of cast members from the TLC show recently. It seems that interest in the food-addicted and morbidly obese people rises. So, the network revisited a number of individuals from the last nine seasons of the show. Some of them managed very well, such as Tiffany Barker, also from Season 7. She started off her journey weighing in at 673 pounds. Successfully working at her goals by following Dr. Now’s rules, she ended up weighing in at 415 pounds by the end of her season. Since then, she shed even more weight.

‘My 600-LB Life’ Tiffany Barker Stuns With Weight Loss Photos

Likewise, Marla McCants from Season 3 made a phenomenal effort and she weighed in nearly as heavy as a car. However, she told her fans that she lost an incredible 600lbs since her first weigh-in and looks very well these days. Recently, she talked about finding a publisher as she wrote her memoirs and hopes it helps others who struggle. So, what about Lashanta? Did she also succeed and keep on working her way to a healthier lifestyle?

┬áSad backstory but a supportive family – where is she now?

It seemed that the My 600-Lb Life journey for Lashanta White came with a sad backstory. Ahead of her move to Houston to work with Dr. Now, her man Jeremy jumped off her road train. Nevertheless, her sons stepped up and supported her. Too big to find a job because she couldn’t get around easily, she needed that support. Plus, she required encouragement. However, after working at it for nine months, Dr. Now turned her down for gastric surgery. Not meeting her target, she lost 113 lbs according to Looper.

Fortunately, My 600-Lb Life star Lashanta White lost a further 47lbs and underwent her gastric surgery. Later, she started uploading videos of herself singing onto her YouTube. So far, she added more numbers that she wrote and sang. Not unsurprisingly, some of them refer to her own experiences, including one titled Big Gurl Action. Meanwhile, she boasts a profile on Instagram that describes her as a “ghostwriter” and “artist.”

TLC fans can’t really see how much more weight she lost, but perhaps that becomes apparent when TLC resumes filming for the show.

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