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Josh Duggar Upgrades: Windowless Warehouse To Mansion Amid Arrest

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Following his arrest, it seems that Josh Duggar has upgraded from the windowless warehouse he was living in with his pregnant wife and children to a mansion. Where was Josh living before and where is he living right now? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Wait, his family lives in a windowless warehouse?!

It was in February of 2020 that we first reported on Josh Duggar and his family’s living arrangements. Turns out, Anna and Josh Duggar live in a windowless warehouse on Jim Bob and Michelle’s property. When the news broke, fans speculated it was Jim Bob Duggar’s way of keeping his son close. There were, however, a lot of darker theories regarding the windowless warehouse as well. For starters, some questioned how safe his six children were from their father in a windowless warehouse.

Presently, fans believe pregnant Anna Duggar and her six children still live in the windowless warehouse. She continues to stand by her husband amid the atrocious charges against him. Moreover, she has the freedom to take her children to see their father as much as she pleases right now. Again, fans question if this is really in the best interest of the children.

Following his arrest, he upgraded to a mansion.

His living arrangements are very different following his arrest. For starters, he can’t live at home with his children. He also can’t live with his father Jim Bob because there are children in that house too. Fortunately for Josh, his father stepped in and arranged a third party to serve as his custodians. So, he had somewhere to go that was away from children. That being said, as we’ve previously reported, his custodians admit to feeling a little uncomfortable with Josh Duggar in their home.

According to The Sun, Lacount and Maria Reber — friends of Jim Bob Duggar — agreed to being third-party custodians for Josh Duggar. The couple live in a mansion located in Elkins, Arkansas. This mansion is a HUGE upgrade for Josh Duggar after living in a windowless warehouse prior to his arrest.

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The Rebers purchased nine acres of land for $68,000 back in 2005. Two years later, they began construction on a one-story home that stretched across one acre of their property. The home has three bathrooms and four bedrooms. Their property has a very long gravel driveway that stretches to the main road. So, Josh Duggar has a generous amount of privacy while living with these friends of the family.

Is it fair that Josh Duggar upgraded from a windowless warehouse to a mansion following his arrest? Share your thoughts with us.

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