Myrka Cantu Flaunts Revenge Bod After Breakup

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Is Myrka Cantu working on her revenge bod after breakup? The Unexpected star flaunted her slimmer figure in before-and-after slides on her Instagram Stories. Did her breakup with Ethan Ybarra kick off Myrka’s Hot Girl Summer??

Unexpected Star Broke Up With Baby Daddy

Myrka Cantu and her baby daddy, Ethan Ybarra, were fan-favorites on Season 4 of Unexpected. The high school sweethearts had their lives turned upside down when Myrka accidentally got pregnant at just 15-years-old. Some fans of the show think she got pregnant on purpose, but she denies that. 

Just shy of their daughter Attalie’s first birthday, the couple confirmed that they were no longer together. According to Myrka, it was her choice to end the relationship. However, they are committed to co-parenting their daughter. 

Furthermore, both Myrka and Ethan deny that cheating was involved in their split. 

Myrka Cantu Flaunts Revenge Bod 

Myrka Cantu often fields criticism from her followers for her pregnancy weight gain. The once svelte cheerleader had a tough time shedding the weight due to depression and medication. 

But she has been working out with a personal trainer and showed off the results on her Instagram this week. Myrka Cantu credits going off birth control as the reason for her quick weight loss.

During her frequent Q&A sessions, she was open about not being intimate with Ethan, but on birth control “just in case.” It seems that’s no longer a precaution she needs to take. 

Check out Myrka Cantu’s impressive weight loss. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

What’s Next For Her?

Myrka Cantu has been vocal on her social media about hating the reality show life. She implied several times that TLC misrepresented her relationship with her mother. As viewers know, the network made it appear that Myrka Cantu and her mom were no longer speaking. However, Myrka claims they never stopped speaking. 

She’d also hoped that viewers would understand why she no longer speaks to Ethan’s mother, Michelle. But after the Season 4 Tell-All, Myrka claimed on her Instagram that TLC didn’t show all of the conversation. 

Due to her displeasure with the reality show experience, she doesn’t plan to return for another season. She is focusing on her education and her daughter.

So far, Ethan & Myrka have done their best to be respectful of each other on their social media. Hopefully, they can continue to peacefully co-parent Attalie. 

Many fans hope that Myrka and Ethan will work out their issues and reunite. But at the moment, they each seem to be focusing on themselves. 

What do you think of Myrka’s revenge bod? Is she ready for a Hot Girl Summer as a single woman?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. TLC has yet to announce any plans for Season 5 of Unexpected. 

But the network is premiering a slew of new seasons of other shows. Of note, Little People, Big World just kicked off Season 22, Tuesdays on TLC. 7 Little Johnstons returns on May 25, followed by sMothered on May 31.

Season 2 of Doubling Down With The Derricos premieres on June 1. 

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