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If you’ve been in a TLC show hole since the finale of Outdaughtereddon’t worry. The network has a new show premiering tonight that will give hardcore channel fans a brand new family to fawn over — and this one is the most unique yet.

Born With Albinism Gives TLC Fans A New Family To Love

Born with Albinism introduces viewers to the Grabowski family. Right off the bat – you’re going to notice that this family is very different than what you might think.

Just like many TLC families – the Grabowski fam has a bunch of kids – 7 to be exact. What you might not expect is that four of this family’s kiddos have a rare genetic disorder that definitely makes them stand out in the crowd. All diagnosed with albinism, these youngsters face numerous health challenges in their everyday life.  This series follows the Grabowski children and parents, Jon and Liz, as they navigate caring for their kiddos and overcoming challenges associated with their condition.

Love Is Thicker Than Blood

In addition to four of these siblings all being born with the same rare genetic condition – there’s one more thing you should know about the kids of Born with Albinism.  Most of them are adopted! Not only were they all adopted — they were also all adopted from China.

In a recent teaser video released by TLC to promo the show, Jon and Liz Grabowski sat down with producers to talk about how their family came to be. After having two sons of their own, the family adopted Lilly, a young Chinese girl who had albinism. The experience was amazing for the family. According to Distractify, Liz describes Lilly as fitting into their family ‘like a glove.’ Shortly after bringing home their first adopted child, Jon and Liz decided to expand the family once again. This time heading home from China with their second daughter Mae.

Unlike her other adopted siblings, Mae does not have albinism. She does, however, have challenges dealing with extensive brachial plexus nerve damage in her arm.

Despite all the new faces in the home, the family wasn’t done yet. After bringing home Lilly and Mae,  Jon and Liz still did not feel the family was complete. Mom and Dad then brought home three more children with albinism. Nathaniel, Kaelyn, and finally, the youngest of the clan, Emily, joined the family shortly after.

Grabowski Family with Lilly, TLC Screengrab
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Highlighting Differences and Challenges

The show highlights the differences and challenges that these children face, not only with their health – but with acclimation into American society. Most were several years old before they came so some have language barriers. Three of them are legally blind — a common side effect of albinism. One of them has mental development delays as a result of a horrible early life. So, while they do share several common bonds, they each struggle with their own individual challenges.

Living with Albinism is a ‘special’ documentary series, not a regular television show. We predict, however, that viewers will quickly fall in love with the Grabowski fam and want to keep them around.


Catch the premiere of the docuseries, Born with Albinism tonight on TLC at 10pm EST.

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